Trip to TN in 3 posts

I went to TN a few weeks ago to visit my mom and Step-dad for 8 days. I had a great time, as usual.
I took lots of pictures so I am going to do this trip in 3 posts.

One of the most impressive things we did was visit "The Titanic Museum" in Pigeon Forge, TN.
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It was amazing to say the least! I have always been intrigued by the whole awful Titanic Tragedy. I have seen all the movies, and it is the sole reason I will not... ever... go on a cruise!
This museum was so well done and so powerful. I was in tears through most it. The whole thing was just very emotional for me, very sad and real.

In the beginning you were given a boarding pass with the name of a real passenger. You were that person for the day. My name Was Ida, 27 yrs. old, 3rd class passenger. So I tried to imagine what it would have been like for a young woman on the Titanic traveling 3rd class.
Then at the end there was a memorial wall with all the passengers names engraved, so you get to find out if you survived, or not. I found Ida's name and touched my hand to it and cried for her, she did not survive.

My mom was a young girl, Eva age 7, 2nd class and she survived!

There was another part that really got to me. There was a stairwell like one that would have led down to  where the 3rd class passengers rooms would be. Remember in the newest movie how it was gated off and people were stuck behind with all the water rushing in? That's what it was like! It was all behind glass so you didn't get wet. There was water rushing down the stairs and filling up the stairwell. I just stood there and watched with tears. Thinking - this is what it would have been like for Ida. I said to my mom "Oh my gosh Mom! Imagine what it would have been like to stand here seeing all the water coming down and knowing that - you were not going to make it out. How horrible that would have been!"

Then when we got back to the car I was so emotionally drained I just sat and sobbed.. and apologized to my mom for my little emotional outburst.  :-)

There were no pictures allowed inside so all I have are pictures of the outside, which was pretty amazing.

 This was a VERY worth while experience and I highly rccommend it to anyone!

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  1. Great pictures. I keep remembering the water, 28* that you could put your hand into and thinking many froze to death in the water. I don't think you could survive more than 15 minutes in that water.
    Like you said the whole thing was very emotional.

  2. What a bunch of fab pictures. Looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing.