TN - Post #2

My mom and SD live in a beautiful "Lake and golfing community". The houses are gorgeous and all their friends are so nice!
We went on a boat ride with a couple of friends of theirs and docked up to eat lunch.
The weather was perfect!

Here is Mon, the SD, and Me on the boat -

 Here they are with their friends (the boat owners) they were wonderful people!

Here are some pictures of houses along the lake! Like Holy cow! Huge houses!

Then we went through this tunnel with all the swallow nests under it!

Here are just some random pictures around the lake -

Then there was this guy... nope, wouldn't want to be him!

And this is where we ate lunch -
It was a great day! See now I can do boats like these, just not the big ones like the Titanic!

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  1. Paddleboard!!! I've been slowly working on Dave and bringing up that I want one :)

    And holy crapola those houses are Huge

  2. Great picture of Ken! Yes some of the houses her are enormous, wouldn't want to clean them.
    It was a great day. Thanks you Bill and Sue. Your hair is blowing in the wind...cool!
    Louis is on his paddle board every day and he paddles a LONG way.
    That tunnel looks so scary when you start to go through but those baby swallows are so cute popping their heads out of the nests.LOL
    Great pictures and now you know why we just love it here. So beautiful here.

    1. Yes, I thought it was a great pic of Ken!

      I was going for the wind-blown look LOL.