"Long Time Gone"

WHAT'S HAPPENING - Sorry I haven't blogged in forever! I have been keeping up real well with my book blog - HERE. You can see where my priorities are!
Not much has been happening really, maybe that's why I haven't been posting on here. I do have lots of pictures to catch you up on.

Only one more month of school, then I am off for the summer! Its going to be a very busy summer as usual. I am taking a couple of trips. My usual trip to TN to see my mom and stepdad, which is always a great trip for me. I always enjoy the stay there!
Then of course I will also be going to PA to stay with the hubby and visit all my friends down there.

My big surprise of the summer is that I am finally going to - Maine!!!!! I have always wanted to go to Maine! I am going with my friend Nancy from PA. We are going with a bus tour and we got the last two seats on the bus! We will be going to Booth Bay for the Lobsterfest, YUM! I hope to take a ton of pictures. I think we will be gone for 4 - 5 days (can't remember which). I am VERY excited!

 TV - Television changes over the summer :-(  I hate to say goodbye to all my wonderful shows till fall. But I do get to say hello to a couple of new shows and a couple of summer only shows.
Summer only -
So you think you can dance (SYTYCD) is just starting, yay!
Design Star will be back on 6/9
And The Glades started this week!- I was so excited to be seeing my hottie - Matt Passmore, Mmmmmm

and a couple of new shows -
Under the Dome (CBS) starts - 6/24, From the book by Stephen King
Cedar Cove (Hallmark) starts - 7/20, This is taken from the series written by Debbie Macomber, should be good!

 KNITTING - I have been doing a lot of knitting of course - here's some pics -

 We also have some new visitors for the summer!

 Hopefully it won't be this long till my next post!


  1. I love, love, love the little purse! Was it hard to make? If you have a pattern can you send it to me. I wouldn't mind trying to make one if it isn't too hard. Love the socks too.

    Lucky you- going on a road trip. I bet you'll have loads of fun. Can't wait to see all the pictures.

    1. Hi Dar, well the purse is felted. Do you do felting? I can send you the pattern via email. its real easy.

    2. Unfortunately not. I kind of thought it may be felted. You are much too talented. LOL. It really is pretty.

  2. Great pictures. Cant wait till you come down.
    love the sock especially the green ones :) !
    Love Mom