Another weekend in PA

 So I got to go and see the hubby's new apartment. It is really nice! I like it better than his old apartment. Its new and modern and has that loft feeling. And... I hate to admit it... but I actually kinda like Williamsport. It is a city so there is lots to do. While I was there I went to Kohls, Starbucks, Panera bread, The Christian bookstore, the mall, a great winery, the original Woolrich store! and drove around and explored!

Here is the hubby's apt. -

Here's the awesome, HUGE, Woolrich store we went to, inside and out. -

Here's the winery we went to. It was about 8 min. from the apt! Yay, great wine too!
Bastress Mountain Winery, visit the website - HERE

Here are some pictures while we were driving around -

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  1. But where's the snow? Look what you are missing!

  2. Love your pictures as always...

  3. Looks exciting! Can't wait to see it in person

  4. Looks like a nice apartment.
    Nice winery too.....

  5. The apartment is awesome! I love the loft feel. It looks like a great place to explore and pretty too.