New furniture!

About 6 months ago a spring broke in the bottom of my living room chair - aka "my reading chair". The chair was fine. I was not gonna fall through or anything. But after 17 years it just wasn't as comfortable anymore. So the hubby and I went to our favorite furniture store in Geneva - Lynch's Furniture to look at new chairs for me. I fell in love with the first one I saw! There are 4 floors of furniture and we did go up all 4 floors and looked at every chair and I sat in many of them. But I was still in love with that first one! And... it was on sale!
While I was looking at chairs I also fell in love with a couple of side tables, so we ended up buying those too!

Here is the old chair -
 Here is the new beautiful chair. The color is not good, it is more of a dark sage or olive green. -

And here is the VERY old table (I have had this table for over 25 years!) -
 And these are the new beautiful tables! -

 I like that they are long and thin, they fit perfect on each side of the couch.
Next trip we will be getting the hubby a new chair. And... shhhhh I am hoping to talk him into a new Tiffany lamp for the left side of the couch.
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  1. Very nice. I used to buy all our furniture at Lynch's then I had a terrible experience and I haven't been back there since. I like what you chose. Eugene and I each have Queen Anne chairs. Nothing more comfortable.

  2. I like !!!!
    looks nice there, cant wait to see in person.

  3. I see a lot of cozy reading coming...I love the new furniture! Enjoy.

  4. That chair is like sitting on a cloud! So comfortable!!! And I love that there's a place for my coffee/wine next to "my" reading chair when I come over :)

  5. Just beautiful and it looks so comfy - the perfect chair to curl up in and read!