Just a normal fall day

OK OK so I haven't posted in a long time!
Not much has been happening so...
I went to PA to stay with the hubby for the long Columbus Day weekend. Had a great time as usual.
I am hoping to go down for Veteran's Day as well.

Here is a picture the hubby took while on the road in PA
 A Red-bellied woodpecker came to visit the feeder (yes, its a red-bellied not red headed).

 While in PA I drove down to Harrisburg to visit my friend Jen. Here's some pics from that trip.

 And we hung out for a day with some other friends - Ken and Nancy (they are going to love these pics, LOL)

TV - Oh my gosh TV is so good this season!
Parenthood - Wow, wow, wow! Sad, sad, sad!
DWTS - Awesome! I can not even decide who I like better. Oh yes, I can! Gilles Marini!
Revolution - Love it! This show is so well done.
The Mob Dr. - Love this show too, very dramatic!
Elementary - This turned out to be a great show! I love how smart and strange he is!
Survivor - Great this season.
666 Park Ave. - Oh my gosh! Addictive and scary! Love it.
Once Upon a Time - Love, love, love! I love all the new characters they are introducing.
The Good Wife  - I think this is one of the best dramas there is on TV.
Hart of Dixie - Cute, cute, cute!
Chicago Fire - Great new show!

Disappointed in -
The New Normal- Have given up on this show. Just too over the top for me.
Vegas- sadly have quit watching this show too. As much as I love Dennis Quaid, this show is just boring.
Animal Practice - Stupid and actually heard it was being canceled.
Go On - This show is great for one-liners but is still pretty dumb, very repetitive, and predictable.

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  1. Pretty pictures. Are those sheep, those little white things? Love the one with the fog that Glen took...eerie.
    666 Park Ave- Love
    Chicago Fire-just another drama, disappointed in it.
    Last Resort-Love, could actually happen, keeps me on the edge of my seat.
    Once Upon A Time-Love