Falling into fall

 I just love my new table and chair set I bought for my side porch. Our house was built in 1870 and we have a little side porch off the kitchen. It is stone with a little roof over it. I thought this table and chair set looked so cute with its rose design, very Victorian.

And, this is a fountain the hubby bought me in PA. I LOVE it! It is stone, has a dragonfly on top and lights up.

 TV - Oh I  love that TV is back! So here is what I have watched so far and the score -
Parenthood - 5 stars - New season started 3 weeks ago - OMG!!!! Sad, sad, sad! The daughter and I were in tears the whole time this last show.
The New Normal - 3 stars - Not sure if I will keep watching this or not. I think it is way too over done.
Go On - 3.5 stars - Funny but...
Animal Practice - 2 stars - pretty dumb, the best actor is the monkey!
Guys with Kids - 4 Stars - I am not really into sit coms but this one is my fav. so far. very cute and right on. Lots of great lines and love the actors.
DWTS - 5 Stars! - AWESOME! this is the All star series. Wow, I love almost everybody! Awesome dancing! This is gonna be a great season! My top favs - Apolo, Gilles (oo-la-la!) Helio, Kirstie. Pamala already went home Yay, she was the only one I didn't like!
Vegas - I have this recorded but haven't watched it yet. I am a huge fan of Denis Quaid so I hope this does not disappoint me.
Revolution - 5 Stars! - Again - Awesome! Love it! I think it is very well done, love the characters. It is very exciting.
The Mob Dr. - 5 Stars! - This wasn't even on my list! I was flipping and found it and thought "what the heck, I'll try it" I am so glad I did! What a great show. Drama drama drama!
Elementary - Recorded but haven't watched yet.
Survivor - 5 Stars -  3 people that were on previous shows are brought back - they had all been med. evac. from their shows. Michael had fallen into the fire and was burned real bad and had to leave and now he is back. He was one of my favs. So I am glad to see him back! The show where he was hurt was so terrible, so sad! What a memorable moment in Survivor history.
Glee - only 4 Stars! - I know! I just can't give it more than a 4. It is starting out real slow. The best part for me is when they show Rachel and Kurt in NY and they were always my least favorite! I don't know, I think Glee is dying out.

Still to come -
Once Upon a Time - starts Sunday!!!! YAY!
666 Park Ave. - Starts Sunday - looking forward to this one
Amazing Race - Starts Sunday - always been a favorite of mine.
The Good Wife - Starts Sunday - One of my Favs. amazing drama!
Hart of Dixie - Starts Tues (10/2) Cute show! Love it.
Chicago Fire - Starts 10/10, looks amazing, reminds me of Third Watch.

If you are watching any of the same shows please let me know and tell me what you think!

KNITTING - I have been and still am working an a number of projects! Socks (as usual) slippers, a sweater, made a scarf for the daughter which I did not get a pic. of.

We got the daughter an I-pod touch for her B-day so I  knitted her a case for it with a little pocket for the headphones. Also a bonus picture of the new BF!!!!! Yay, love him!

 Easy slippers that you can whip up in one sitting!

Don't have a pic yet of the sweater or socks maybe next time.
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  1. I like the turtle by your fountain. hehe. Oh, and also the iPod holder.... may be nice for my iPhone (wink wink). Nice chair/table set too!!

    1. Ohhh I can totally make you one for Christmas! You want one with the pocket on the front? Greens right?

  2. Your table and chair set is really nice, love the roses in it.
    Cute slippers....are those your feet?
    Watching Revolution-keeps you on the edge of the seat.
    666 park ave- taping it.
    Last Resort- scary could be true.

  3. forgot...
    Grim - scary
    Once upon a time - tape it also

  4. love your new table and chairs! That second chair is for me, right? You have a great hubby, that fountain is amazing.

    I love TV too. I didn’t see “Elementary” on your list. It’s the new Sherlock Holmes series. The first episode looked promising, but it comes on at 10 here so I will be DVRing it!

    Love the slippers and ipod case well that's just clever ;o)

  5. Well we only watch 2 of the same shows Revolution and Glee. Glee for me has been so so this year, I hope it picks up or I think it is in trouble. I love the knitting and I am jealous of your reading set up. Nothing like reading outdoors.