Knitting amd Quilting

Well besides reading - Hey! I do other things besides reading!
I have been a pretty busy girl.
The hubby's birthday was early Nov. I started making this quilt for him about 6 months ago.
We weeded out his closet and got rid of a LOT of his shirts. Little did he know I kept all the shirts and cut them all up into squares to make a quilt.
He loved it. It now sits on his bed in his apt. in PA.
 I think I counted over 100 pins in the pre-sew stage!
I had a real hard time keeping Martina off it! I didn't want her to get stuck in all the pins. She finally got the hint and just sat on the side.

 A close up of the corner.
 The back - I used a heavy flannel. Its really soft!
 I call it "The Red-neck Quilt"!

And here is my latest knitting -
Here are some socks I knitted for myself. I just love making these little "peds", they knit up so fast and fit so nice. This is some great yarn I got in TN. It is Aslan Trends Natural Luxury yarns, Santa Fe Kettle hand dyed collection, it is a wool blend.

Here are some hats I knit for the church. I will probably try to do about 6 of them.
And here are some little bits and pieces of stuff I am working on. Don't ask what they are or who they are for! They might just be a Christmas gift.

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  1. Whoo hoo! Quilting and knitting! Yes! I love what you're doing! That flannel quilt has to be the most cuddly quilt in the world. Lucky husband. Lovely socks. You rock!

  2. Love the quilt!!!

  3. WOW you have been a very busy girl!
    Love the quilt, it turned out really nice.
    Love all your knitting too. Great job.
    I don't remember you buying the yarn..was it at The Knitting Nest?

    1. I am not sure which shop I got it from but I think it was from there.