The end of summer

 WHAT'S HAPPENING - The hubby was home for 8 days! I think this is a record since he has been working in "The oil field".  During that time, we trimmed the bushes! -

That is not a hedge trimmer! That is a 3 foot chain saw! I told him to bring out the heavy artillery!
The next day we did the other side of the house.
This is after trimming one side of the bushes. You can see how high they were.

This is after - it won't stay this bare for long, they grow back so fast!

My niece and her daughter came from CT to visit for a day. We got together with them for lunch.
 above - My niece, her oldest daughter, my other niece's daughter, my sister, my daughter

 My niece and my daughter

 My 2 grand-nieces and my sister

Summer vacation is over. The first day of school for us was yesterday (the 5th). So... I am back to work. Only this time it is as an officially Licensed Child-care provider! Funny, I don't feel any different. I only have tons more paperwork to do. This just doesn't seem right.

TV - Yay! TV will be back this month! Here's whats on my schedule -
DWTS All stars! - Woo hoo! Some of the best and my fav. stars will be back!
Parenthood - I honestly can't rem,ember where this left off???
Survivor is back of course - I am not quite sick of it yet.
The Good Wife - the best courtroom drama ever!
Amazing Race - my personal fav. reality show.
Once upon a Time - Oh my gosh, if you do not watch this show... well you must!
Hart of Dixie - cute cute cute, and that's just the guys, LOL
I haven't seen anything about - The River??? I hope that will be on again.
New shows - (some of these shows might not last long on my list, but I am going to give them a try anyway)
The New Normal
Go On
Animal Practice
Guys with Kids
Chicago Fire
666 Park Ave. (YAAAAY, excited about this one!)
Vegas - Dennis Quaid!!!!!!
What's on your list?

KNITTING - I made this bag for the hubby to keep his GPS and Sirius radio in. I designed it with a drawstring and a panel in the middle to the two don't touch. He likes it and thats what matters.

OH!!!!! and my sister just told me she got promoted to branch manager at her bank!!!!
Congrats Michele! I am proud of you!

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  1. Now you have more lawn to mow or should I say Ashley has more to mow - LOL Yes they were high.
    Great pictures....
    yes, Michele just told me too about her new promotion..congrats to Michele.
    I also can't wait till "Revolution" and "Apt 666".
    Love ya,

    1. Haha, yes I think we gained a few feet of lawn!
      You are gonna watch Revolution and 666 too???? cool! You know 666 Park Ave. is after a book series?

    2. no ...i did not know that 666 Park Ave is after a book series. I can't wait till they start. Animal practice looks good too.

  2. You sound like you are having a great summer!

  3. Your yard looked like a jungle!

    So glad I'm not the only one who has a list of their favorite TV shows. Mine's actually a bit longer than yours, lol. I love Once Upon A Time, it's the best!

    1. Hahaha funny you should say that - When he was cutting I kept saying "It looks like you are in the jungle!"

      More shows on your list???!!! WSow!
      Yes, Once Upon a Time is AWESOME!!!!!