Summer vacation has begun

WHAT'S HAPPENING - Ashley and I went to PA for about 5 days. I really love it when she can come with me. I know it won't always be this way but it is really nice to have someone to go do things with.
We went to the "Canton Wine and Cheese Festival"!!!! It was fabulous! I hope Ashley enjoyed it as much as I did! You pay one price at the gate ($15.00 for wine drinkers, $5.00 for Designated drivers) Glen was our DD! They gave you a wine glass to carry around with you to sample the wine. There were tents set up all around the fest. where you could just walk up and tell them which wines you wanted to taste and you could go back as many times as you wanted. I think there were as many as maybe 12 - 15 wineries. There were also cheese places that were there and lots of hand crafts. I bought 5 bottles of wine, a pair of earrings, and 3 packages of cheese. They also had places where you could buy lunch. We had such a good time we plan on going next year too!
This is Me, my friend Nancy (who lives in PA), and the daughter. I just love this picture of us, doesn't it look like we are having fun?
 This is me and the hubby, and our friends Ken and Nancy (the daughter took the picture).
The next day we met up with another PA friend of mine - Jen. We went to lunch in Mifflinburg then went to one of their local wineries.
This is not a great picture - I guess that's what happens when you let a stranger take your picture.
 I like this one. That's my friend Jen and me in the background (the daughter took this one, much better).

We went out to breakfast to a really cool cafe', went to a couple shops, went to B&N for lattes.
Then the last full day we helped the hubby move into a new apt. across town, fully paid for by his company.
Doesn't Ashley look thrilled to be moving? She was a really great help though, and on our vacation!
The daughter did take some time out to play her guitar.

And... a few of you know that I have been working on my Childcare certification. Which is a HUGE deal! I have joked that it is easier to become President of the US than get your childcare certification in the state of NY. I had to get finger printed, get my CPR/First aid cert., take 6 "Health & Safety childcare" evening classes, I had a fire safety inspection (had 6 infractions to deal with), tons of paperwork, tons of regulations to comply with, etc. etc.
Today I had my final meeting and inspection with the "Child & Family Resources Registrar" and...
I passed! I should get my official certification papers in 2 weeks. I'm an official Childcare provider!

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  1. Congratulations! That's some feat.

    So what are you going to do with your summer vacation?

  2. Congrats on your childcare certification...
    Looks like all of you had great time on your vacation.

    Will there be any wine left when I come up?


  3. Forgot to tell you how pretty your pale pink rose is...it is beautiful.

  4. Congrats to you! That's great news. Can't wait to see you next weekend!