New visitor at the bird feeder. Can you tell what kind of bird this is???

My rose bush was just covered with roses this year! They are a pretty palest pink.

WHAT'S HAPPENING - "School's out for summer!!!"
Yay! I have tons of stuff planned for this summer, a few trips out of state, a few visitors from out of state. A few wineries to visit, a few festivals to go to. And I'm sure I hear a few stores calling my name.
I am going to be reading lots of great books and knitting a few socks and things.
And hopefully getting together with the daughter and hubby and a few friends.

TV -
Thank goodness there is some good TV over the summer!
SYTYCD (So you think you can dance) - Just finished with tryouts and Vegas week just started. I do have a few favorites already. I'll let you know who they are after Vegas week.
Design Star (HGTV) - Love this show. I have watched every season.
The Glades - Woo Hoo!!!!! If you have not seen this show, it is worth watching just to see Matt Passmore!!!!
Also watching for the first time - "The Glee Project" - I am surprised how much I like it.

 KNITTING -  I am making a bunch of these flip flop socks I call "flocks".

 And here are some little peds I made for the daughter. I love making these!

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  1. I want some more flocks mom! Love the ... what are they called? peds? anyway I love them.

    This is a pretty action packed summer isn't it! I am excited!

  2. Pretty pink roses. Sounds like you have a jam packed summer.
    See ya this summer.
    Love ya, Mom

  3. I would LOVE another pair of these. I am wearing my slippers you made me right now. The ones that you make 2,000 sizes to big then shrink.

    But I would love another pair of these slipper socks.


  4. Hi! Just found you from Ravelry! I LOVE your flocks! They are adorable!!! Is there a pattern? Thanks so much! Love your blog!! Shine

  5. Thanks Wendy! I'll be back! :) Shine