Christmas in July

Every year I would have my family (my whole family) over for Christmas, dinner and all! But now our family is getting too big to have an inside function, unless we rent out the Fire Hall! Also half of my family lives in other states so it makes it hard to travel to NY during the winter.
So we came up with the plan to do a "Christmas in July". Still have it at my house but do an outdoor picnic in the backyard. That way all the little ones can run around all they like. The adults can sit in the sun (or shade) and talk... and eat and drink.

Here are just a few pics of our "Christmas" -

 Borrowing my sister's BF since my hubby wasn't there! -

 No! Don't drop the cheese dip on the baby! -
My compliments to the chef! My sister's BF did all the grilling -

We had lots of food - BBQ chicken, pasta salad, potato salad, fruit salad, chips & dip, veggie tray, cookies, and ice cream! We also had lots to drink - Iced tea, lemonade, a few sodas, water and of course wine and beer!

We had wine glasses you could draw on -

temporary tattoes -

a few gifts and crafts -

and of course no one forgot their cell phones! -
I think everyone had fun! -

Here are all (almost all) the female members of the family, the mom, 2 daughters, 4 granddaughters and 3 great-granddaughters -
 and the only 2 men there!


  1. Nothing in the world as special as family.....and Christmas is fun ANYTIME!!!!! Blessings~~Shine

  2. This was very fun, and I hope we can do it again in the future!!!

    1. Oh good! I really wanted feedback. If everyone likes it we can make it a yearly thing.

  3. We had a great time. So glad the weather was nice. The 2 men look like they had a good time too. It was so nice to see everyone, some for the first time.
    The pictures are great....
    Thanks for having "Christmas in July".
    Love ya, Mom

    1. Yes, I am glad that it worked out well! And I am glad that you guys could come this time.

  4. I loved it! Love the pictures, love the party. Miss the family :(