Smoothies - Part 2

I know there are a lot of smoothie mixes out there and I am not knocking them! They are great! In fact my mom gave me one that I am dieing to try. But this post is about making smoothies out of fresh fruit that you freeze yourself.

This is a non-fat, low sugar, healthy natural smoothie that is sooo easy to make!

1. Remember all that fruit that we cut up and froze ahead of time. Well, take it out of the freezer.
Here are frozen bananas, frozen peaches, and a bag of berries I bought over the winter that I want to use up.
2. To your smoothie mixer or blender - add all the banana (1 banana cut up and frozen), half the peach bag (which would be 1/2 a peach leaving half for another one!) and just a few of the berries.
3. Add skim milk (I don't measure, but prob. about 1 cup, you can always add more if it is too thick)
 4. Start blending! I like to blend it real good.

5. Put a straw in it, you're done! Really that's it! It is that easy and so delish!
And, yes, I have green fingernails, LOL!

Note - This will NOT work with fresh fruit! You would have to add ice cubes. The only reason this turns into a smoothie is because you use frozen fruit.

But imagine.... A wonderful tasty (I promise!)  smoothie out of nothing more than fruit and skim milk!!!!!



  1. Did you do your nails? I have worn blue and gotten lots of compliments...I like the green.

    Smoothies....YUM...I will have to try your way.
    I am drinking a peach smoothie right now.

  2. I love smoothies for lunch. I'll freeze a peach or two today, plus the banana. I usually toss in a 6 oz cup of low-fat yogurt, too. Now I want one!

  3. OMG… it looks so good. And I really like how you cut it up ahead of time. Fast, easy, and no excuses ;o)

    I too love your nails! Nice color!