OH MY GOSH!!!! Can my life get any worse?

Last night Ashley and I went to Watkins to watch "Dark Shadows" (which was FABULOUS! BTW).
On the way to the theater right in the town of Watkins I was pulled over by the cops!
I had no idea why, I was NOT speeding (it is kinda impossible to speed in the town of Watkins)
Ashley thought "You might just have a light out" yeah - wishful thinking!

So the cop comes to the window and of course doesn't say why he has pulled me over, just asks for my License and Registration and Insurance.
As he walks away I yell - "Excuse me - can you tell me why I was pulled over?"
He said - "We scanned your plates and your License is suspended"
I freaked and said - "WHAT? WHY?"
He said - "Well we don't know that yet we just ran it and haven't gotten the info back."

After 10 min (and almost late for the movie now, so I am really pissed)

He comes back with a ticket and says - You registration has been revoked for lack of Ins!"
Again I said - "What? No way. I have Ins. I have been paying for it!"
He said - "Well I am sorry but that's the info we have."

Then I asked him, "So can I ask you another question?"
He said "yes."
I said "So if you ran my plates when you pulled me over, what was the first reason you pulled me over for?"
He said - "No we scanned your plates while you drove by us!!!"
I asked - "What? And is that legal???"
He said "Yes it is mam"

Since when has this been in effect?? Is this an invasion of privacy or what?

So he tells me that I can not drive.
I said "You've got to be kidding me!"
He said "I have to advise you not to drive."
I said "Well I don't live in Watkins! So I have to get home somehow!" - I was actually very rude to him because I was so mad.
He was actually very nice and said - "It is my job to advise you not to drive, but I am telling you that I am going to get in my car, drive the other way and turn the corner."

We were late for the movie, it was very dark finding our seat. And I was so pissed it took me like 10 min to get into movie mode.

When I got home I could not sleep I was so mad.
I got up at 1:00 in the morning I was wide awake, came downstairs check my email, went to the bathroom. etc. went back to bed and stared at the ceiling for another hour.

First thing 9:00 I called my insurance co. and I told her -
"I have to warn you I am REALLY mad right now, I am going to yell, so just be aware of that fact."
She said "UH OH! OK I'm ready."

I told her "I was pulled over... no Ins.... really pissed.... Fines to pay... court date... going on my record! ... What the heck happened..."
She was really nice... long story short -
I have always been fully insured - the DMV screwed up! Did not enter the ins. and canceled my reg. electronically.
She said she would put a rush on it and fix everything. She would call the DMV have everything reinstated.
I would have paperwork to take to court and everything should be dropped!
I thanked her and told her I was not mad at her anymore - but I did get her name! LOL just incase.

So I can't drive my freaking car all weekend!
I am still pissed, but now I am pissed at the DMV, and actually thankful to the cop, because I would have never known!


  1. What a nightmare!
    But at least it is all going to work out right in time...be patience. I know this is hard for since you are like me and patience is not our middle name.
    Maybe the Ins Co could fax you something you could carry with you so if you do get pulled over again (before you go to court) that you could show the police that you do have Ins.
    It is worth asking them.

    1. Yeah I wanted it fixed like ... yesterday!
      And can I sue the DMV for mental anguish?

    2. you can try...but you are up against the DMV>

    3. Hahaha true! Oh well it makes me feel better just thinking about it.

  2. Wow, that's crazy! I'm so glad it was easily taken care of, but what a pain in the butt! Sorry!

    1. Yes, you have no idea how glad I am that it can be fixed and not going on my record.

  3. This would have me ranting and raving, also. What a crazy business! I hope you have some good books to read while you are on "house arrest".

    1. OMG! I have been ranting and Raving for 12 hours! I tell you I don't think I have ever been so mad!

  4. Oh no!! I'm sorry this happened to you.. Thank God it's all getting worked out. I hope you have some good books by your side to keep you busy :)

  5. I was rather pissed too! But let me just say I am very proud of myself... normally I am the one who freaks out and makes a scene and gets pissed and you are the one who is telling me, calm down, everything will work out... THIS time it was my turn! Calm down mom, i'm sure it was just a misunderstanding, call the insurance company and they'll fix it... etc. Glad everything worked out mama and btw yeah the movie was awesome!

  6. That is awful I would have been beyond angry. :( I hope this all gets worked out.

  7. Another way for them to get money.

    I received in the mail a "Photo Enforcement Program Notice of Violation - Fixed Speed". Fine is $50, unless you don't pay in the 11 days you have until the deadline. Then it becomes $122.75. How do I know for sure if I was speeding a month ago? Hard to fight. Out $50. Thank goodness it wasn't in my hometown. I went 15 UNDER the speed limit when I returned to that town.