Ranting and Raving...

Ok so I found out that I am allergic to the shower soap I used this morning! Now I have to re-shower to wash off the soap and throw away the soap so I don't forget and use it again!
I was on my way to Ithaca and I kept smelling perfume (I am allergic to perfume!!!) I was thinking "Why am I smelling perfume in my car? There is nothing perfumy in MY car." I get down to Ithaca, shop at Kohls and Bed Bath & Beyond for 2 hrs. get half way home and realize - its ME!!!!!
So I couldn't itch my nose or push up my glasses or get my hands or arms anywhere near my face. I had to drive home with all the windows down just so I could breath. And now I have a headache, my neck hurts, I can't breath, and I am sick to my stomach!

So at Kohl's I go into the bathroom and not only does the Automatic toilet flush mid-pee, which annoys the heck out of me!  In this world where everything is automatic I stand there for at least 15 seconds waving my hands under the faucet before I realize I have to push the button to turn it on.

I had this $10. Kohl's cash burning a hole in my purse so I had to buy something. I was trying on Capris. With the weight I have been loosing (30 lbs now) I have dropped a size and wondering when it will be 2 sizes. So I tried on a size 10 and a size 8 - There was absolutely no difference! They were the same size! I swear. And they both were too tight, So I think the size 10 must be incorrect.
I went to another display and saw one pair of cute denim Capris, one pair! What size were they? A 10! It was meant to be! A gift from God! I tried them on and they fit perfect! Thank you Lord! A perfect example of trusting God.

So can we talk woman's purses for a minute? 5 years ago I could walk into any Kohl's, JC Penny's, Sears, etc and find 10 purses I had to have or die. Today I can go into 10 stores and find none I like!
Who designs these purses anyway? It has to be men! One of these purses had so much metal on it you would need a forklift just to carry it around! Where are the pockets? Where are the pretty colors?
J Lo would never design anything so impractical and hideous! I think I am going to personally email her and ask her to design purses.

So now can we talk J Lo? Is she not fabulous? I love her! I am such a fan (not of her music, just of her). So I saw her new clothing line in Kohl's and is is soooo cute! Of course it would be!
All she needed to do was kick Marc Anthony out of her bed! She goes on American Idol, has a new CD out, has a new clothing line, J Lo - you ROCK!
Marc Anthony on the other hand - what has he done... *crickets* exactly - Marc Anthony who?

So I get home and check my mail, and what do I find?
A Kohl's coupon for 30% off!   FIGURES!



  1. What was the soap you used? Was it the one I gave you? Hope not.
    I got a 30% off yesterday also..gave it away. Not going to Knoxville.
    So you ended up with a new pair of capris and that was it?
    I think JLo is so BEAUTIFUL..
    Doing great on the weight loss.

  2. I went to J.Jill and Coldwater Creek and found nothing I wanted! Yes! Look at all the money I just saved. Of course the J.Jill I went to has no petites, so now I think I need to check out one with petites. Of maybe not!

    1. Oh I love Coldwater Creek! They have real nice clothes, expensive though!

  3. Ooo, yeah I know that headache. I get them from some but not all perfumes...and other random things.

    Haha at your purse rant! Hopefully you can find something you like.

    I can just picture you standing in front of the sink contemplating how you're going to rise your hands if the sink is broken...hehe :)