Signs of Spring

Waiting my turn -
Forsythia -
Ornamental grasses -
Don't know what these are called, but they are pretty -
Pussy willow -
Daffodil -
 Crocus -
 Hmm should I take a bath?

WHAT'S HAPPENING - This has been a great week! I am just loving it. It has been 70 - 80 every day, and sunny most days. I know we will get some cooler weather before the end but that's ok. I am just enjoying every minute of this nice weather.
On Saturday I spent all day outside! I raked and cleaned out all the gardens. I went to Walmart on Sunday after Church to buy garden edging, which I will hopefully put in this weekend.
The hubby is coming home for a few days this weekend. Saturday night we have the big annual Fireman's awards dinner. Glen is getting an award for 25 years of service! Can you believe he has been with the fire dept for 25 years?
The hubby is getting a new truck! He will be driving it home on Sat. He's excited!

I have been sitting on the front porch almost every day. I am a porch sitter. I love to sit out there with my coffee and read or knit.
The daughter came over last night and we went for a long walk then had salad and sushi for dinner. My daughter and I go for walks a lot (not as much as we would like due to our schedules). If we can go for a walk once a week together I'll be happy.
Every Wednesday I go to the library to get new books for the kids I watch. This past Wed. I put the books in a backpack (about 20 lbs.) and walked. It was a good walk! When I got there and took off the backpack my legs felt like spaghetti. I will try to do this through the summer. Its great exercise. I like knowing that I am getting exercise!

TV - 
American Idol has been great! The singers are so good this year. It is going to be real hard to let some go. My favorites so far - Jessica (of course!) Joshua, and Hollie. Those are my favs. but I like most of the other ones as well.
I watched The River season Finale, it was pretty good ( reminded me a little too much of The Exorcist) the ending was great! This turned out to be a great series! I loved it, scary and all!
The Touch is starting back up - Wow! this is an amazing show! This will definitely be one to watch.

KNITTING - My purple socks. I love them! I am wearing them right now!
This was a nice simple 4 row repeat seed stitch. The pattern is called - Berry Season from the book - "2-At-A-Time Socks". I chose this pattern because of the bright colorway - I didn't want the pattern to get lost in the color so I chose a simple pattern to show off the color not the pattern.

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  1. Don't ask me how I know since I don't have a green thumb, but I think your mystery flowers are blue bells.

    Ooo, pretty new truck! Or should I say ooo, manly new truck since it's you hubby's lol!

  2. Yep, they are Blue Bells.
    I like the Forsythia. (thought you didn't like Forsythia)I like the yellow, it is sso cheerful and bright.
    Congrats to Glen. Nice truck. Are you going to get to drive it?
    Love the socks....cute, need I say more.

  3. Funny about that cardinal waiting his turn. Those darn greedy squirrels! Looks like everything is blooming fast by you. Congrats to your hubby on his award AND his new shiny truck!!

  4. I am so jealous of your nice weather. It's still really cool here and no sign of flowers. We've still got a little snow and it's really just wet and soggy out. Sammy hates it. Lol. Love the socks!

  5. Like the socks, hope you and your family are doing ok.