The Season can't seem to make up its mind!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - We had a very strange week. But I guess that was kind of expected after the rest of the world got plummeted with Tornadoes. It started out kind of normal - temps in the 40's and 50's, by Wed. it was sunny and warm - mid 60's, then Thur. again 60 but with lots of wind and rain, then to round it off today - Fri we have snow and 20's!!! Yes, I know - I do live in upstate NY! You would think after living here most of my life I would be used to the crazy weather. But, ya know... us upstate NYers live to talk about the weather. It is the main topic of discussion. If the weather was plain and boring 70 everyday it would give us nothing to talk about!
Ahhhhh - to have plain ol' boring 70.... we can only dream!

TV - 
American Idol - Wow! What an amazing night! Of course we all know my love for Whitney Houston. This night the guys sang Stevie Wonder and the girls sang Whitney Houston and they did fabulous!!!!! Oh my gosh I loved almost everyone! I literally bawled all the way through  "I Will Always Love You" sung by my favorite Jessica Sanchez. Steven Tyler said - “You just made 40 million people cry.”. I don't see how anyone else has a chance of winning this season, she is THAT good!

Even watching the video brings tears to my eyes! Amazing, absolutely amazing!

Is anyone else watching "The River"?
It is crazy SCARY!!!! After the first show (weeks ago) I had trouble sleeping. After this weeks episode I was afraid to climb my stairs, so I ran up - jumped into bed and threw the covers over my head! Of course I can't wait for the next show - I am such a glutton for punishment! This is not a show you want to watch in the evening - it is better to DVR it and watch it during the day. I think that is what I should do from now in.

KNITTING - Finished! It is hard to get the true color of these socks, they are are a pretty light sage green. The pattern (from my newest book - Socktopus) was not hard to follow - it just looks hard.

On to the next pair of socks -

YES, the yarn is that beautiful! I love it! All those shades of purple, violet, lavender with just a touch of reddish raspberry - it is gorgeous! I can't wait for these to be finished! I wanna go buy more of this color so I can make more things with it! LOL I will have a whole wardrobe of this color!

I continue to do real well with my weight loss and healthy eating! There are so many foods that I have not eaten in months - peanut butter for one! I love peanut butter, but have given it up for the time being.
I have been buying better and healthier foods, less fat, lower calories.
Low fat/light yogurt - 80 calories
Breakfast thins (in place of rolls and bread) - 100 cal. for top and bottom
Light soups - 80 - 100 cal. per serving
100 calorie snacks - these are great! You always know what you are getting.
I have been eating a lot of salads (which I love anyway) and just smaller portions
I read the labels of everything and just make better choices.

So far -
Last year - lost 24 lbs.
Over the Holidays - gained back 4 (putting it at a loss of 20).
Since 1/14/2012 - lost 10.6 lbs!
A total loss of - 30.6 lbs.

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  1. Love love love those beautiful socks(the ones that don't look like sage green at all)
    Its been crazy weather here too but we had the tornado's, in fact TN had 8 of them some not to far from us. Friends that were here instead of at their own place because they do not have a lower level and we do, spent the day and night watching the TV for any that would set down here. Very scary to say the least.
    YES YES I do watch The River and yes it is very weird and scary.
    Doing good on your weight loss...keep up the good work. I won't recognize you if you keep losing.
    Love Ya, Mom

  2. The sock are beautiful Wendy! As you know they wouldn't last long at my house. lol.

    I haven't been watching Idol this year yet. The show kind of lost its appeal to me. I have heard about The River thogh and don't know how I've missed it. I love anything scary.

    The weather here has been up and down too but it looks as though we're on the upside now. It was beautiful today.

    Congrats on the weight loss -- keep it up!

  3. You have a countdown to summer?! UCK! Lol!

    Wow, Jessica is amazing in the video you posted!

    Gratz on the weight loss!

  4. Those socks are to die for…seriously you need to go into business. As for the weight loss—you go girl!! 10.6 lbs in just a few months is huge! 30.6 total—amazing. You are going to have to shop for a new wardrobe.