Happy Easter!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!
The Daughter and I are going down to PA for the week. I am very excited. this is the first time she is able to go with me. I have all sorts of things planned for us to do, most of them involving coffee!

I have been doing some outdoor clean and gardening. On Friday the kids I watch and I went out and picked up sticks around the yard. I was expecting the daughter to come mow (she does that to help us out)  :-) The yard looks great now. I did a lot of raking up around the flower gardens and putting in new boarder and mulch.
Here are some before and after pics. -

Before -

After -

Before -

After -

I will put up some pictures as more flowers come up and are planted. This is NY ya know! It isn't really safe to plant till May. And I have two more gardens to finish. Maybe after this week.

KNITTING -  More socks! These are from the "Socktopus" book.

Here are some more pictures of NY spring in action 


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  1. Love the daffodils. Ours are long gone. The Dogwood Festival is about to start and the dogwoods are done due to the warm weather we have had. Some of our Azaleas are still out, some are gone. Iris's are looking good. I have a feeling summer is going to be brown.
    Like the socks ...TN colors.
    You and Ashley have fun in Pa.

  2. Happy easter. I love what you did with your garden!!

  3. Happy Easter to all of you Wendy. I love all of your pictures of spring. We had a freak snowstorm here with a few feet of snow that still hasn't melted so there won't be any flowers poking out this week. Lol. Hope you have a good time in PA. You and I would get along great with our love of coffee and books!