Winter has finally arrived in Central NY

WHAT'S HAPPENING - We finally got some snow! School was cancelled on Fri. as was many many central NY schools. I think we got about a total of 8 - 9". I have heard though that it is suppose to be back up in the 40's next week. For those of you who live across the country (or another country) THIS IS NOT NORMAL FOR NY!!! We are way under snowfall and way above ave. for temps. which does not bother me at all because I hate winter! If you live in another part of the world let me know how your winter has been so far.

The last time I saw the Hubby was 3 days after Christmas when I was down in PA with him. Hopefully he will be coming home next week for a while. I think he will be able to stay for at least 5 days. He really is enjoying what he is doing and it is good money so... can't really complain, this is exactly what we prayed for. I told him a few weeks back - "You know, this is exactly where we wanted to be, this is what we have strived for and prayed for. This is the job and the pay scale we have been working toward all our married lives! We are finally really comfortable." He really likes the new company he is with. They are good to him, treat him well and respect him and he has some really good friends already.

Here is a couple pics. of the Daughter opening Christmas gifts -
We always get her gum for her stocking (a years supply).
 We got her a Steelers jacket - it is reversible! Satin on one side - flip it inside out and it turns into a sweatshirt! I think she liked it!

And of course her favorite food!

TV - Yay! I was chosen to do the "Nielson Ratings" again. I'm excited. It was fun last time and it is cool knowing that what I watch counts for something.
So I am ready for the new shows to begin! I am so done with re-runs!

KNITTING - I knitted my first pair of "convertible mitts" (mittens with a flap to expose the fingers. I also made a split in the thumb to expose that as well) Yes, they were pretty intense! Not hard just ... tedious. I did them "two-at-a-time" using the magic loop method. This was soooo much better! I think now that I have the hang of it I will be using this method every time I have to knit 2 of something.
These are great for today's technology with all the texting, cell phoning, ipods, ipads, just about anything. These turned out excellent and I am very proud of them. I still need to sew on the buttons to hold the flaps down. Sorry I do not rally have a pattern because I kinda made them up using several ideas from several patterns. Remember you can click on the pictures to get a close up.

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  1. Holy snow! :)

    Nielson Ratings? How did you get chosen. I have ALWAYS wanted to get chosen for that.

  2. Dumb question, what's Nielson Ratings?

    I've said it so many times but I'll say it again, I'm very VERY jealous of your snow!!

    Do you watch Being Human? It comes back on soon, yay! And at lease Once Upon a Time is back on too!

  3. I also hate winter that's why I live here. We get winter just not as long or as intense. It also has been above normal temps here last week but then it turned really cold (18* yesterday morning and high only 31* on Friday) but wait next week back up in the 50's.

    Ashley takes such good pictures....

    The mittens are cute...A few in my knitting group are starting to make the fingerless gloves, some are even making leggings to match. I may even try some once I get done with this sweater. I need a smaller project.

  4. I used sock yarn to make my fingerless gloves. I wear them when knitting in the car. I used size 1 needles so they are nice and dense.

  5. I hope those mittens are for me because you know I have wanted some like that for a long time! And you think they're stupid so don't you dare keep them!

    Glad winter is finally here as long as the roads stay clean!

    I can't say I liked doing Christmas all separate this year, but I LOVED the Steelers jacket! I wear it all the time! Best present of my life, besides my Polamalu jersey which is tied for first place!

    Love ya