After Christmas recovery

My mom got me this cookie stand, I don't think I will ever use it for cookies, but I love it for candles! What do you think?
This is a bracelet the Hubby got me. Let me explain... One time when we went to PA, I think it was in the late summer. We went to a huge Apple and Cheese festival! There were lots of venders with hand crafted items, all local. I fell in love with all this hand crafted glass and silver jewelry! Of course I loved the purple. Glen let me buy a ring, but the matching bracelet was very expensive! So I just settled for the ring. Well, you can imagine my surprise when I opened this gift! The first words out of my mouth were "How did you get this???!!!" Well we were with some other friends of ours and he sent "her" back to buy it while we were busy eating. These are one of a kind! No two alike! I love it!
I also got this awesome Steelers Jacket!

 And this... is my new toy! It is the Ninja Kitchen system! If you google it, there are all kinds of videos! This thing is amazing! It is soo powerful! It will fully crush ice with just pulses!
 The best part is - it comes with these 3 individual serving cups! You put your stuff (yogurt, fruit, ice, etc.) screw on the small blade and put it on the system and push down - take it off and screw on the to go  lid - and you have and idiv. smoothie!!!!! It is so  much fun! I have already used it 4 times. I am so looking forward to smoothies and froz. coffee drinks in the summer!
Tonight I am putting in tomatoes, onion, pepper, basil, and some pineapple, chop it up and stir fry it a little and put over rice! Yum! I think tomorrow I will make guacamole! The daughter is coming for dinner on Fri. I will make her a smoothie!
 Other great gifts I got - Hello Kitty slippers (that look like uggs!), A purple down vest (so warm and comfy), a few pairs of earrings (I love earrings), The daughter got me a Vera Bradley coffee mug! (so pretty) and two books - Rob Lowe's Bio (yum! what a hunk!) and (sniffle) "The Time of my Life" by Patrick Swayze and his wife. This is going to be a very hard book for me to read! I have been wanting this book but been putting off buying it, I just couldn't bring myself to buy it! I needed to receive it as a gift. When I opened it I cried, I actually have tears in my eyes now. Now I just need someone to force me to read it! I know I will bawl all the way through! My daughter said "I knew you would cry mom" She knows me so well! I got so many nice things! It would be so hard to list everything!

While I was in PA I had a blast! I really did not want to come home! I have changed my mind. If I ever choose to live somewhere else, I would choose to live in Lewisburg! What a great city! It really reminds me a lot of Ithaca actually, being a college town (Bucknell U.) and having all the specialty shops and coffee shops!
On Christmas day the hubby and I opened gifts. One of my gifts to the hubby was a K-cup coffee maker! So we had fun playing with that! We tried all kinds of coffee! It was so nice on Christmas day (45) we went for a walk around the neighborhood, there are some GORGEOUS houses! That night we over to one of his co-workers' for turkey dinner. It was fun!
The day after Christmas (Mon.) I got together with my friend Jen (At Random) and went shopping for the day. It was so much fun and she showed me where all the good stores are - Kohl's, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Michael's, Target, we never made it to the mall, but I now know where it is! Thanks Jen, I had so much fun!
Then on Tues. I had lunch with another friend in a great restaurant! and just spent the rest of the day shopping by myself, Barnes & Noble and little gift shops in Lewisburg.
On Wed. I went to this HUGE great farmer's market! It is open every Wed. I tell you, if I lived there I would never shop at a grocery store again! It was all individual venders (farmers, Amish, Mennonite, etc.) they had a meat market, a fresh fish market, fresh made cheeses, fruits, veggies, grains, jellies, baked goods, and even books! It was amazing! Then I went to a local Museum "The Packwood House"  (click on it to check it out), I love history so this was so interesting for me. And back to B&N (I practically lived there!)
I left to come back home Thurs. It was sad, I wanted to turn around and go back!

How was everyone's Christmas? Tell me some of your fav. gifts!
Next post I will post some pictures of the daughter and her opening her gifts!

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  1. Nice Ninja!
    I have the Magic Bullet but she's getting old (got her at my Bridal Shower in 07).

  2. Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Love the bracelet. Good taste! Never heard of Ninja Kitchen System. I actually like the cake/cookie stand using it as a candle stand better.
    I really don't have a favorite gift, I love them all. Each one is very special to me.
    Have a great time with Ashley.
    I guess I should think about taking down the Christmas deco.
    Love Ya,

  3. Well, let's see.... I think my favorite gift was a turtle ring that my mom got me. It is a pinkish color with the 'shell' being all pink jewels, and the legs, head and tail all move on it! It is so cool!! Then, my next favorite would have to be all the gift cards that I got. Between gram, and all the kids at work I got over $250 worth! Boy, did I go shopping!!

  4. I'm glad you like the bracelet! It was pretty easy to divert your attention while she went to get it, all I had to do was say "Look mom, coffee" and you were distracted. :)

    I knew you would cry when you opened the book, just like I know you're going to cry when you read it. I know how much he meant to you, which is why I wanted you to have his last words. Don't just read it, but really feel it, allow yourself to cry and call me if it gets too hard.

    Love the steelers jacket! We should wear ours out somewhere at the same time!

    Lewisburg sounds amazing, hope I can come visit soon!!

  5. I had fun too, next time we'll have to visit the BN. Did you end up checking out the overlook?

    If you make it down my way I can take you to another farmers market but I don't think it's quite as snazzy as the one in Lewisburg...lots of good food though...and a use book store inside :)

  6. I loved all your gifts - especially that Ninja gadget! And how sweet of your hubby to get you that bracelet. You are going to get addicted to the K-cup maker - I love mine. Try the spiced apple cider!

  7. I love this blog post. I can just 'hear' the excitement in your 'voice'. Love the bracelet.

    Finishing a book, not sure if I saw a review from you....I had never read this author before. Gayle Roper, this is the 2nd of series (yes, I read the other one too). But I thought of you because of the strong females in this series. Summer Shadows is this one.