Losing weight... again!

 I am going to focus this post on losing weight. No I am not obsessed! I just haven't talked to you about it. Last year I lost a little over 20 lbs. This year I would like to loose another 20 (at least 15). This would put me at a good healthy weight.

A little bit of history about myself - I have always been "skinny" very much so! Just ask my mom! All through school I was a stick, but very healthy. That is just the way I was. When I was in my early 20's I weighed between 100 - 110 lbs. And was wearing a size 5 (most of the time). I had my baby when i was 27 and did gain some weight, but lost it just as fast. Before she was even a year old I was back down to a size 5 again! It has always been very easy for me to loose weight. I am very disciplined that way. Once I set my mind to something... Also I do not eat meat and I do tend to eat pretty healthy.
Then I married Glen - it all went down hill from there. I went up to a size 12. See the problem is my husbands favorite restaurant is Dunkin Donuts, LOL! While he can afford to eat donuts every day- I can not! My husband is built like a fine classic Mustang, with not an ounce of fat on him! Me, I eat one donut and I am working it off for weeks.

Just recently (last year) I stepped on the scale and said "This is enough!" I have got to loose some weight. So I stopped snacking and started exercising more (just on my own) and started eating healthier. and I lost 20 lbs! Yay! Go me!

Then just before Thanksgiving I kinda Plateaued and was staying the same weight for what seemed like forever. Now that the Holidays are over I would like to get back to working at it again.

I have found this program (an app.) for the nook that I downloaded. Its GREAT! You can sign up through the internet. Which is what my daughter has done. It is called - Lose it! - here is the link -

It really makes you accountable for everything you eat and every exercise you do! And it keeps track for you. It lets you know how much more you can eat that day. In the beginning it asks how old you are, what your current weight is, what you would like to be at, your height etc. and tells you what your caloric intake should be. You get credit for every little exercise you do, even house cleaning, and shoveling snow. And it is FREE!!!!!!!!! I am on my 3rd week now and I have lost 4 lbs! And I am down to a size 10. The key is signing in everyday (it only takes a few minutes everyday) and being honest. If you cheat - you are only cheating yourself!
I don't know if it is available for the Kindle - if you find out let me know!

Please check it out. If you are interested in joining let me know we can be "friends" and help each other. If you have any questions about it let me know. But so far I am telling you I love it! My daughter signed up through the internet and she texted me and said "I love this program!!!" She has lost a couple of lbs too!


  1. Yes, You and your sister were always were skinny kids and even though you are not a size 5 now you are far from being fat...a size 10-12 is not big at all. ...I would actually like to lose about 10-15 lbs. The older you get the harder it is to lose weight. What use to take a day or two now takes weeks just to lose a few pounds. NOT FAIR! Also the older you get if you lose weight now you have all that saggy skin...LOL. I will check out the web site...Thanks.
    Good luck to ya.

    1. Yep, thats why I didn't say I thought I was fat, because I DON'T. I also didn't say that a size 10 or 12 was fat. I would just like to go dawn a size, I feel better at that size and feel more healthy.
      Yes, I agree that the older you get it is harder!!!! so not fair!
      And - I am also not trying to get to the size I was, I KNOW I will never be a size 5 again, that would be very unrealistic! I just want to get to a comfortable size for me.

  2. I joined. It's a cool site. Very easy to use and lots of good tools to keep you motivated.


    1. Yay! I am so glad!
      I look forward to sharing this with you.
      The hard part is keeping it up.
      If you can log in EVERYDAY, you'll do fine!

  3. When I went to college I gained about 10lbs thanks to fried food and free ice cream (who can say no to that!) And then I gained weight when I worked the overnight shift due to lack of sleep, irregular eating patterns, and virtually no exercise. I always had this specific weight in my head that I knew I never wanted to reach. Then one day, I stepped on the scale and I weighed exactly that weight. Since then, I have lost 10lbs but then plateaued for about 6 months. So when mom asked me to join Lose It with her I thought it was a great idea! It really keeps me accountable and I have lost a few pounds since joining. (Wow I sound like an infomercial!) Goodbye plateau!! I also love that it is something my mom and I can do together! When we eat meals together we figure out the calories and then post them together!

    1. "I always had this specific weight in my head that I knew I never wanted to reach. Then one day, I stepped on the scale and I weighed exactly that weight."

      Yes! That is exactly it! I was dangerously close to "that" weight that I never wanted to be! And I said - that's enough!

      It is fun doing this with you! Of course it is always easier and more fun doing stuff like this with others (kinda like misery loves company, LOL)

  4. Good For you! A lot of people think that vegetarians are super skinny and don’t gain weight. Then I remind them doughnuts, pizza, chips, ice-cream, and cake, are all vegetarian foods. I find as a veggie I build a meal around carbs or dairy (love lasagna), so when I see those extra pounds creep on I just replace the carbs with beans, nuts, and seeds so I keep the protein and good fats. A avocado is my fav snack right now. I just finished Martha Stewarts 28 day challenge. There were some really good recipes so you might check it out. I wish you the best of luck!!!

    1. "doughnuts, pizza, chips, ice-cream, and cake, are all vegetarian foods" HAHAHAHA! That is sooo true! There is a difference between a vegetarian and a healthy vegetarian, LOL.
      I love avocados!!!

      I have never heard of the Martha Stewart 28 day challenge, I will have to look it up.

      And thank you so much for the encouragement!

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