Christmas is just around the corner!

Our little Christmas tree - with the lights off and on -

Here are some special ornaments -
My basket of knitting
 My Dunkin Donuts collection (from the hubby)
 My Victorian Father Christmas (from my in-laws)
 My Steelers Collection! (the nutcracker one was from my daughter, I believe last year)
My bird collection (on the far left is a glass hummingbird given to me by one of my best friends - I can't seem to get a good picture of it, sorry. It is really beautiful!)
 And of course there has to be Hello Kitty!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - I finally have the house all decorated. The playroom has the kids little tree and snowmen, the livingroom with my tree and all my white and glass decorations, and the kitchen has the light up ceramic tree and light up snowman.
I have been in such a great mood for over a week now! I have been reading all Christmas books (and living it! I might just do this again next year) I am recording it all on my book blog. I have been listening to Christmas music -
I LOVE Christmas music! All kinds -
I love the Hymns (Oh Holy Night, Joy to the World, The First Noel)
I love more traditional songs (Let it Snow let it snow let it snow, Silver Bells, Winter Wonderland, Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and Sleigh ride!)
I also love Country and Pop Christmas songs - Alan Jacksons - Let it be Christmas, Faith Hills - Where are you Christmas, Amy Grants - Breath of Heaven (one of my favorite songs ever!!!)
Trains - Shake up Christmas, I even like stupid funny ones like the 12 pains of Christmas.

I have also been watching some Christmas movies on TV, The Hallmark channel and Lifetime have been showing tons of Christmas movies. These are some of the ones I've seen so far -
Dear Santa - about a little girl who writes a letter to Santa asking for a new mom. Cute, an OK movie
Road to Christmas - About a woman who needs to get to Vegas (hmmm maybe its not Vegas, can't remember) for her wedding and hitches a ride with a widow and his daughter. It stars Jennifer Gray and honestly I expected more from her, but this movie was just OK.
Undercover Christmas - About a woman who goes to stay with the family of an FBI agent because she is a witness he is protecting. She finds a lot more than protection! Staring Tyne Daly as "his Mother" she was great! I loved this movie - very cute and funny!
My favorite so far was - Comfort and Joy - Staring Nancy Mckeon (LOVE her!!!) I have been a fan of hers since "The Facts of Life" her character - Jo was my favorite!
It was about a woman who hates Christmas, gets into a car accident and wakes up married with children! She learns what being with a family on Christmas is all about. This is an awesome movie! Funny in parts but very heartwarming! The end gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes! If you get a chance - watch this one!

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  1. so pretty...your ornaments are beautiful. Quite the collection. Nice memories.
    I also am done decorating, gifts are wrapped but not sent out yet, maybe this weekend. Love all and everything about Christmas.
    I have been watching some Christmas movies. I taped Disney s Christmas Carrol. I just love this movie. A cup of hot chocolate, the fire going in the fire place and a Christmas movie on...what could be better?

  2. This time of year, I reallllllllllllly wish I had cable 'cause I loove the Hallmark channel and movies.

    Lovely tree.

  3. Have you ever heard the Trans-siberian orchestra?? I LOVE their christmas music, you should give it an ear sometime!

  4. Cute ornaments!!

    I <3 Christmas movies! I've seen all of the ones you mentioned...multiple times lol. Now you just have to watch The 12 Men of Christmas :)

  5. Your tree is just beautiful! I love that it has such personal ornaments. the Dunkin Donuts have to be my favorite...I jus tlove my coffee ;o)

    Dean Martin, "Baby It's Cold Outside", One of my favorite Christmas songs!

  6. Love the tree! I love Christmas and I love that it's finally snowing!!!

  7. You're getting snow? I'm so jealous!