We turn the Thanksgiving corner and head towards Christmas!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - I hope everyone had as great a Thanksgiving as we did! This year it was my in-law's turn (we do every other year). So we all went over there. It was great, as usual! I took a fruit salad with whipped cream and marshmallows -
A Maple walnut pumpkin pie (which turned out great!) The hubby, who is not a huge fan of pumpkin pie, said it was the best pumpkin pie he ever had! And he had 2 big pieces! -
Here is a link to the recipe - HERE, it is not that hard and it is so good!

I also made the traditional, yearly candies yams, everybody loves those!
The daughter brought the squash. She scared me - she called me about 3 hrs. before dinner and said "Mom, we may have to do without the squash this year." All these thoughts started going through my head - "What? no squash???? Are you crazy?" and "What did she do, burn it?" and "Where can I go out and buy a couple squash at the last minute and do I have enough time to cook them?"
Then she told me - "It is sooo good I might eat it all up before dinner! Hahahahaha!" So not funny! give your poor old mom a squashed induced heart-attack!
The M-I-L made all the trad. foods - turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls and an apple pie.
Every thing was soooo yummy! I love thanksgiving, and this one did not disappoint!
Next year it'll be my turn!

Then I went "Black Friday" shopping!!!!! Yes, I know, I am crazy. but I love shopping, I live for shopping! I do think I love shopping more than the average woman!
I did not get up at any insane hour! I left the house at 8:30am and got home at 5:00pm-ish.
I did really well! I got lots of stuff. There were lots of great sales. I had lots of coupons. It really pays to do your homework ahead of time. I went on-line and researched all the local stores and what sales they were doing and printed off all the coupons. So I was very prepared! And I did enjoy it!

TV - 
Survivor - I am still "team Coach" and still so not "team Ozzy". Tonight's will be interesting! But then, aren't they all?
DWTS - So glad JR won, he deserved it! He seems like such a nice guy.
Amazing Race - It was sad to see Bill & Cathy go home. They did a great job considering how much older they were than they other players! And they were very nice people! I am still "team snowboarders"!
Love, love, love - Heart of Dixie - OMG, seriously, Wade, you have got to tell your heart to Zoe! You are killing me with sadness! Come on cute little red-neck boy you can marry my daughter!

Once Upon a Time - Wow, one of the most orig. shows evah!!!! I am soo addicted! It is so fun trying to figuring out who all the players are. One of my favs is - Ruby/little red riding hood, she's such a slut! Hahaha

Here is the "Guess what this is" from last time -
Cute cute cute!
 Now I need to decide what button to use.

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  1. The food looks yummy. Grandma (my mother) used to make that salad...
    Ashley got ya!!!!hahaha Good for her!!!!!
    I love shopping too but not on Black Friday. I do however go the day after Christmas...lots of good deals then too.
    I also am addicted to "Once Upon a Time". I think my fav is Snow white, she is so cute and adorable and sweet.
    Cute sweater...is it for you or Ashley? I think the plain buttons go best. However I do like the detailed ones.
    Love, Mom

  2. Yay Christmas!
    I love Christmas!

    OMG I am SO with you on Wade. He pulls at my heart strings every week. I do so wish she'd give him a chance. I think they'd be soooooo good together.

  3. I like the button on the left better, but I think the one on the right will go better with the colors that you picked....

  4. Yes I know I'm late but I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. We make that fruit salad with the marshmallows, fruit, and whip cream too. It is yummy.

    Survivor is so good this year. I can't wait to see wha happens this week. I like Ozzy but what a blow to his ego it would be if he gets beat by Cochrane.

  5. The Mape walnut pumpkin pie link work for me this time. I'm so making this pie for Chirstmas! It looks yummy!

  6. Is that the Plymouth Top Down Cropped Jacket pattern? It so looks like something I am knitting. Like the yarn. Think I like the button on the right the best.

    Hope you and your family were all together during Christmas and New Years. We had a very good time here.