Happy Thanksgiving!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - I can't wait for Thanksgiving! I don't start celebrating Christmas at all till after Thanksgiving because I think we as a nation tend to overlook Thanksgiving, the poor holiday gets the snub because of early Christmas celebrators! Are you one of those??? I love Thanksgiving! I always have. What other Holiday is totally about cooking together, eating a huge meal (guilt free) and getting together with family? There are no presents to buy, no eggs to color, no fireworks to light, no trick or treats (well except for the pies!) not even any cards to buy! Just eating and relaxing! I love it!
Then the day after Thanksgiving (after shopping of course!) I get out the Christmas music!
And that brings up another point - Do you shop on Black Friday? Of course I do!!!!!! Its hysterically fun! I am a glutton for punishment. I probably will not post again till after the holiday - soooo Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 1st was Hello Kitty's Biorthday! So of couorse we had to celebrate, being the fan that I am.
Also I never did show you the spiders we made for Halloween - its made out of a tootsie pop, isn't it cute?

TV - Survivor - I have to comment on what a jerk I think Ozzy has become! When did this happen? Did stardom go to his head? He thinks he is just a little too much all that! I really still like Coach. He has become such a nice guy. I hope he doesn't become like Ozzy and let it go to his head.
DWTS - I still like this show, but not as into this one. I'm not really gaga (did I just say gaga?, yuck!) over anyone this season. I do "like" JR and Ricki Lake. So finals next week!
Amazing Race - I love the Snowboarders! They are cool, nice guys, and they are Christians!!!! How much better can you get? I am rooting for them to win!

Still love - Hart of Dixie - need I say more? LOL

Also loving the new show - Once Upon a Time!!!!! Awesome!

KNITTING - Can you guess what this is? Will be revealed next week.
A little dress for my future grandchild, (NO!!! its not in the making yet! Calm down! I'm just getting a head start! She's not even married! Jeez!) This pattern comes from my TN friend - Leedra. Here is a link where you can purchase the pattern - HERE 

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  1. I LOVE Thanksgiving too! It's wonderful to be able to stuff my face with absolutely no judgement LOL!

    This season of DWTS is pretty good. My favorites are JR & Ricki. I thought Hope and Maks were being sore losers, don't you think? I'm really glad they're gone.

    I also LOVE Once Upon a Time. It's an awesome show!

  2. Oh my gosh mom... you made a dress for my future daughter! I'm going to cry :'( its so cute!

  3. I feel ya. Thanksgiving does get pushed aside. This year I'm participating in that myself. ;)

    OMG I am LOVING Hart of Dixie now. And my heart is breaking for Wade. *le sigh*

    Once Upon a Time is SO good!

  4. Yay - Thanksgiving lovers unite!
    Crystal - Yes, I have always thought Macks and Hope had real bad attitudes!
    Ash - AWWWWW
    Juju - Yes, at first I wasn't so sure how I felt about Wade, but now I am loving him, and not just because he is shirtless in every show, LOL! This past show my heart just went out to him when he looked at Zoey in the end, so sad!
    And - YES, LOVIN Once Upon a Time! What a great fun show! And i am loving the sheriff (I think he needs to go shirtless a little bit).

  5. I love Thanksgiving. All that food and no presents or any other "stuff" to deal with. My favorite religious holiday is Passover. It's 8 days of nonstop cooking, and a ton of work, and I still love it.

  6. Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!!!!

    I also love Thanksgiving. Going over to friends to stuff our selves. I don't get out the Christmas deco till after Thanksgiving. Don't do Black Friday. Do go shopping the day after Christmas though.

    I also love "Once Upon a Time".
    The little dress is so cute but what if she has boys? I know the odds are against her having boys since we all have girls and there is NO boys in our family at all. Kinda funny...don't ya think?
    Love ya..Mom

  7. I love Thanksgiving too. My 2nd favorite holiday after Christmas. Although I do tend to celebrate both holidays for 2 months. LOL!

  8. If she has boys you will have a shower gift ready for somebody else. Love the yarn you used. Thank you so much for advertisement.

    You know me, I will be back to see what the mystery knit project is.

  9. You had me at shirtless man!! Lol!

    I really love this time of year. Thanksgiving with family and friends, lots of yummy food, and Black Friday shopping is a blast!