Gorgeous fall weather!

 It has been in the 60's or close to it for a week now! Its wonderful!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - A new church for us?? maybe, we hope! This past Sunday we visited a new church. It is a very small country Presbyterian church in Hector.
What we liked about it -
1. Its small and quaint (only 2 rows of 7 pews).
2. The Pastors are a Husband and Wife team (I love this!!!) they both took turns preaching and reading from the Bible.
3. They greeted us right away, and also came to say goodbye at the end.
4. They seem very nice! Even during the service they were smiling and laughing, they were not all stiff and formal.
5. I love the building. It's cute, very country, all while inside with shutters on the windows. Carpeting all throughout (which makes it quiet! No echoing when kids drop stuff, LOL).
6. The organist was a young man (maybe 30 ish) and very good.
7. It starts at 9:30 (which is perfect for us!).
8. Only a 15 min drive, and after the service - only another 10 - 15 min to Dunkin Donuts LOL!
I came away with a very good feeling and so did the hubby! I am looking forward to going back.
So wish us luck and pray that we have found a good fit!

KNITTING - Get your socks on!

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  1. Good luck with the new church. I need to find one of those myself.

    OMG Love the socks. You should hold a giveaway for a pair of socks. It would be awesome for Christmas :)

  2. Hmmmm good food for thought, Juju!
    Yeah, I just remembered, you recently moved, right?

  3. Love, love the socks! I am taking a knitting class (for socks) as I am hopeless with dp needles.

    I hope to be as good as you!

  4. Very cute church...hope it is what you are looking for.
    Love the socks...all of them.
    Being that close to Dunkin Donuts is a good thing!
    Love ya, Mom

  5. You are brave. I would never be able to leave my church. I would go thru withdrawal. Your socks are so pretty, wish I could knit some.

  6. Good luck with the new church!
    An very cute green/brown socks! ;)

  7. All the socks are gorgeous! I am still afraid to start knitting socks, they seem to be so addictive.