Visitors and Visiting

Last week my friend Jen from AtRandom and her hubby cam to NY for a few days. We got together and did the wineries -

I like this picture of Jen and I.
 Jen and her hubby.
I did not even realize that I caught the hubby in this picture till I got home and loaded the pictures. I was taking a picture of all the awards they won.

We also went and saw the local waterfalls, there are many!

We bought a few bottles of wine!

This weekend The daughter and I went to PA with the hubby.
This is a gas drill site at night.
 Daughter and her father went on the Gator.

We had a great time! We went back to "The Oldest House", they had a little festival going on. We met a lot of really nice people. We went out to dinner and out to breakfast. On Sunday we went to a huge Apple and Cheese Festival. That was a lot of fun! There was a great band playing, lots local handcrafts, lots of food, and lots of cheese! We ending up buying quite a few things. We were having so much fun, I didn't want to leave! But we had to get back to NY.

TV - 
DWTS -The Model goes home and last night the Reality star (can't remember her name) goes home! YAY, didn't like either one!
Glee - Don't know why, but I don't think this season is as good  :-(
Survivor - I am really not liking Russel's nephew, he is just strange! And he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut!
Amazing Race -  UUUGGGHHH!!!!! Ethan and Jenna go home! I can not believe it!!! I am so mad! They are better than this.
Hart of Dixie - Still loving it!!!

Socks I have been working on -
 I got a knitting book out of the library with just basic patterns. It looked real good, like something you would want to have on hand. You can follow the basic pattern and add all your bells and whistles (cables, lace patterns, etc.) So I thought I should try one of the patterns first, before thinking about buying it. This is the basic mitten pattern - and I changed it into fingerless mitts. It does seem like a good pattern, it fits well, easy directions.

 And this, is from the latest issue of  Interweave knits. Isn't it GORGEOUS?!?! I would love to try to make it. I read through ALL the directions and it seems pretty difficult! I don't know...

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  1. You live in the most gorgeous place!
    Love the socks and mitts, and yes, you can knit that scarf!

  2. Yay for hanging out :)

    LOVE that wrap.

    Not so sure about Hart of Dixie yet.

  3. So glad we got to hang out with Jen and Dave! They were a blast!

    I posted on my blog about our trip to PA but I didn't post pictures of the gator! I forgot! I'm glad you did!

    I know you want to make that wrap for me right! RIGHT!

  4. Great pictures.
    Who is going to drink all that wine?
    Need help?????
    Is that the yarn I gave you that you are using for the socks?
    Like the mitts, they would be perfect here in the winter.
    Love ya,

  5. Beautiful pictures Wendy. I'd love to visit a few wineries. I love the fingerless mitts. I need to whip up some simple ones to keep my hands warm in the house this winter.

    As for Amazing Race I really don't want to watch now that Ethan is gone. He's the only reason I was watching. Survivor, I agree, Russell's nephew is more than a little strange.

  6. Hey, that's me!!!

    We had a great time running around with you and your family!

    I'm a complete slacker and haven't uploaded any of my pictures yet! I'll get there eventually :)

    The pic of the wrap looks mega cute!