PA, our 2nd home

A walk through Towanda, PA. I love this town. It is very historical and quaint. Lots of nice little gift shops and cafe's.

I love this! Captain Jacks Pub with all the motorcycles out front.
And of course you have you "Drive-through Beer" I kid you not! It is a drive through beer store!
This is the little diner we had breakfast at. If you click on the picture to make it bigger you will notice the sign above the door - "Ladies Invited" otherwise we couldn't have gone in!
 Actually this was not the cleanest place in the world, and I had to send my omelet back to be re-cooked, it was raw on the inside. I don't think we will be going back there.

TV - I am not into TV as much as i thought I would be this year.
DWTS - My fav - Chynna Phillips got kicked off. Now I just don't care!
Survivor - Still a coach fan. And I don't get why everyone is ragging on Edna??? I still like her.
Amazing Race - Still watch but after Ethan and Jenna went home - who cares?? Don't even know who I am for now.
Loving - Hart of Dixie!, Parenthood, Harry's Law, and The Good Wife. The New Girl is just OK, not as good as I wanted it to be.

KNITTING -This yarn is called "Mini Mochi" and it is about the softest sock yarn I had ever used! I am loving it! I really would like to buy some more. I can't remember where I bought it. I almost think I got it in TN.

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  1. Wade was so cute this past Monday on Hart of Dixie!

    I wish she would stop being so tough on him. He's obviously a mega softie underneath it all.

    As for the town pics = tooo cool! I can't think of the name without thinking if that scene in Fried Green Tomatoes when Kathy Bates runs into that pretty VW bug screaming, "Towanda!"

  2. Nice pictures of Tonawanda. Love the drive through beer. Pretty area.
    I think you did get that soft yarn in Knoxville at the Yarn Haven. I love the colors, nice and fall-ish.
    Love ya,

  3. Hey W,
    Loved your post! About five years ago I visited New Hope, PA,in fall and fell in love. Rich in culture and architecture, incredible vibe. So many shops, places to eat, the river, the trees changing color, the train, and the people. Beautiful country, I hope to visit again.
    Love hearing from you!
    See ya,
    Readaholics Anonymous

  4. Dear Wendy -

    I would loooove to get a scarf in that yarn! It's gorgeous!



    K Thanks -


  5. EWE! Dirty Diner!!

    Love the color of the yarn! (wink wink)

  6. I have some mini mochi too. I knit a pair of gloves (to sell) and one glove for a local yarn store sample all out of one skein. I have 2 more skeins, that don't match. Not sure if more gloves, or something else. It made the softest gloves ever.

    I started a new blog just for my kntting or other crafts. Right now it also has some post from before moved over. I have just posted 2 new post. It is www.heirloomgoods.blogspot.com

    Didn't realise until today that I wasn't following Wall-to-Wall. That is great that you have 250 people following you there (251 now).

  7. Oh, and I love the color you bought of the mini mochi. Wish I knew how to need with the extra long needles. That is on my 'to learn' list.

  8. I love all your pics. You always take the greatest pictures. A drive through beer store - lol - I bet s lot of men would love that here.

    As for tv I'm really not interested either. Once Ethan left I quit watching Amazing Race and DWTS just isn't doing it for me this year. I just don't care enough about the cast they have. I'm still only watching Survivor and will keep on. I'd love to see Coach win this year but I'm sure they'll go after him soon enough.

    Love that yarn - what a pretty color! I'm working on dish cloths for my mom for Christmas. Boring but must be done.

    Hope you're having a good week!