Ready for the game against the Colts! We won of course! It was tied and we won with a field goal with 4 seconds left in the game!
We  had a belated Birthday party for The daughter because The husband was MIA (working in PA).
She decided she wanted muffins for her party. So we had a "Muffin Party!!!"
These are blueberry crumb top muffins from the Trisha Yearwood cookbook (I added the crumb top) They were very good. 
Happy Birthday to you! 23 years old! Yikes!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - The fall weather has been great! A few rain showers but lots of nice warm days.
My friend Jen from "At Random" and her husband are visiting from PA. So next week I will post some good pictures on here as well as my book blog.

TV - YAAAAAAAY! Here's what I've been watching -
DWTS - I like Chynna Phillips! She is prob. my fav. So glad, so glad that idiot B-ball player went home!
Glee - Addicted!
New Girl - funny funny! Zooey Deschanel is adorable!!!!! Love her!
Parenthood - watch with the daughter.
Survivor - I like Coach and Edna, my 2 favs.
Harry's Law - Who the heck are all these new people? And where did they get the 2nd floor? I am confused!
The Good Wife- Love it!!!!!! Very good show, Oh the Drama!
Amazing Race!!! - Yay! My favorite reality show! Anyone who watches this - Ethan and Jenna!!!! Am I right? They have to be everyone's favs.!!!! Everytime they did something right we cheered, the daughter said "Do you think we are a little one sided?" I said "Yep!"
Hart of Dixie - Probably the cutest show on right now!!!!! Its on CW Mon. at 9:00 LOVE it!

What's on your TV?

I got a bill in the mail the other day from Sunoco (I have a Sunoco gas card) and the balance was 00.00, because I haven't used the card  lately. And on the bill was an advertisement for paying online, saving trees. Why do they send me a bill for $00.00 if they are so interested in saving trees? Think how many trees they would save if they didn't send all these needless bills! This really irks me!
AND... in with the bill was a tri-fold, on heavy paper, an ad. for something totally unrelated to Sun. How many more trees would they save if they didn't include those??

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  1. YUMMY muffins. Fun idea.

    I've been watching Castle, Hawaii Five-O, and Up All Night. I need to watch (online) the premieres of Terra Nova and Hart of Dixie.

  2. Twenty-freagin-three!!!!

    This once again reminds me of just how old I am getting. I used to read endless stories to you and build couch forts in the living room with the couch cushions and now you're 23?

    Ok...calm down Paula.

    P.S. Those blueberry muffins look fantastic!

  3. Love the idea of a muffin party...
    They sure look good.

    Love the "food for thought" very interesting.

    What on my TV.....
    Harry's Law.
    Desperate Housewives.
    House Hunters International.

    Love, Mom

  4. Paula, that's funny because I still think of you as 23 and I have to remember, no... I'm 23, she's older than me lol!

    Muffin party was awesome! Couldn't have been tastier!

    That saving trees thing really urks me too! I signed up for paperless, online banking and the advertisement for doing such was about being eco-friendly, and yet they STILL send me statements in the mail all the time! What a waste!

  5. Happy Late Birthday Ashley!

    I really liked New Girl last week. We were watching a movie so I didn't get to watch last night show but it's DVR'd!