A walk around the ol' barn

Plug your nose, hold your breath, don't sneeze! I know, like everyone in the country is allergic to this.
Milkweed pods
Lots of purple wildflowers. I just love wildflowers!

Can you tell I love purple?

We have tons of wild grapes on our property! They are so pretty and perfect. I am thinking of picking some and maybe trying to do some grape jelly. I said "maybe" and "think of"!

Well the Steelers lost their first game against the Ravens. This is not good! We play them again later in the season, we'll get 'em next time???

First week of school went off without a hitch. The kids are great and its good to have them back.

My daughter's Birthday is tomorrow - Thur. She is turning 23! Phew! Did I just say I have a 23 yr. old? Wasn't she just born like last year?

We managed to escape all of the flooding! A lot of the towns near us had flooding, many of the towns I know very well and even had lived in some. So much of PA is flooded. The hubby has been working where there is no flooding right now, but... where he normally stays in central PA it is flooded all around! Bridges and roads are totally out.
And then there is the wildfires in TX. Can we just ship them our water to put out the fires? My best friend D. lives north west of Houston, just 30 mi. from one of the big fires! I have been praying for them and their house. It is just all so scary. She said it is now 60% contained. 60%??? I am holding out for 100% before I stop worrying about them.

TV - YAAAY! The regular TV season starts this week! Here's what I'll be watching -
Parenthood - I record and watch it with the daughter.
New Girl
Raising Hope
Harry's Law
Charlie's Angels - we'll see about this one.
The Good Wife
Amazing Race
What are you watching this season?

KNITTING - My friend, Leedra needed some knitting pictures, she said they inspired her! This is the best I can do Leedra for now.

Here's what I am working on -
I can't explain because they are Christmas gifts.

 Yes, this is a tomato! I am knitting veggies these days! Its fun. I got this new book and it has a whole chapter on knitting veggies!

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  1. Pretty pictures. LOVE the tomato. I can't wait for all the new tv show premieres.

  2. I love coming here and seeing your pics!

    I'll be watching Glee and maybe New Girl...or is it The New Girl? Anyhoodles, I think it's on after Glee so it works out nicely!

    **Aaaaachew** oh sorry...allergies ;)

  3. I am so glad I don't have severe allergies.
    Cute tomato...what r u going to do with it? Make some more veggies and put them in a nice bowl on your counter...how cute would that be?
    Love your knitting pictures. The 1st knitting picture..Is that the yarn i gave you?
    I was telling people that I grew up in Owego, that flooded, moved to Binghamton, that flooded, moved to Ithaca, that also flooded...now I am in TN..should we be worried?
    The Glades, Desperate Housewives, Harry's Law, House. House Hunter International.
    If you feel old having a daughter that is 23...how do you think I feel having you for my daughter?
    Love ya Mom

  4. Love the tomato!!! Thanks for thinking about me, but that first photo does nothing for the need to see knitted items in photos. :) Now the 2nd one I can tell is somebody a sweater, hopefully we will see the finished product after Christmas. but on Ravelry your family can't see what you post. (hint-hint-hint)

  5. I meant to point out if you turn your daughter's age around that would be the age 'my' Wendy will be her next birthday. I forgot with other comments on my mind.

  6. AHH! Don't even post a picture of that evil plant! Dave and I were driving yesterday and I pointed to a field full of ragweed and I said "If I walked through that field I would probably die!"

    I am soooo glad Parenthood is back! I can't wait to watch it with you! I would be devastated if that was canceled AND off the map! :'(

  7. Live the veggies. Just wonder what you plan to do with them. Do you have an ereader? I have read 48 books since I got my Kindle in May. Most are free. Love this little device.

  8. Your flowers still look good - ours are pretty much finished. Happy Belated Birthday to Ashley.

    I'm watching a few of the same shows as you. Survivor was pretty good. I think this may be a pretty good season.

    I love that blue wool. You always work with the prettiest colors. I'm working on my afghan but it's slow going with my hands.