The end of Summer vacation

The Hubby and I went to PA for the weekend. We had a great time! I love it down there. Everytime we go I tell my husband - "I could very easily live down here." "You know it would be alright with me if we moved to PA.". But don't get all excited - there is no move in the plans yet! It is just so beautiful, there is lots to do, and I feel so comfortable there!
These are pictures of the livingroom where The Hubby stays. I did some cleaning and sorting and rearranging for him.

This is before -
This is After -
All the boxes and stuff in the back ground does not belong to him, it all belongs to the people who own the trailer. I just moved it all to make more room for a little table and chair. I think it looks so much better and Glen loves it!

These are some nature pictures taken at our barn property -

The daughter came over as usual, LOL. Can't seem to get rid of her, thank goodness!
She had broken one of my pretty wine glasses (fortunately one I got at a yard sale, but pretty!) I teased her about it, telling her - "It's plastic for you from now on!"
When my mom and I went to the wineries while she was visiting I found these pretty plastic wine glasses! There was one in red, one of her favorite colors so I couldn't resist! I told her I had a present for her. I told her it was a special glass just for her!

Awww a new wine gla...
 wait a minute!...
 What is this? Plastic?
 Oh well, it is wine after all, Cheers!

School starts on Wed. (tomorrow!) so I will be back to work (so to speak) watching kids before and after school. I have had such a great summer vacation and traveled so much that I am really looking forward to seeing the kids again and getting back to normal life.

TV - UGH! I can't wait for the regular TV season to start!
The season finale of "Nine Lives of Chloe King" Wow wow wow wow! I can't even imagine what the first show of the season will be like (but that starts late because it runs over the summer).
I have to be honest - I am not really looking forward to DWTS this year. There is no one I am interested in watching! Of course I will watch it but at this point I have no favorites.
I am still really really mad about "Off The Map" being canceled!
Looking forward to a few new shows!

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  1. LOL
    Great job and I giggled over those wine glass pictures. TOO cute :)

  2. PS I've been watching Chloe King too. Except I watch on the net so I haven't seen the finale yet.

  3. Ah...Rookies. She'll get there one day. It takes a lot of practice to multi-task while drinking wine. Only the old and wise can achieve such a task!

    Love -

  4. I had forgotten all about the wine glass you bought. Wine tastes the same in a dixie cup or out of an expensive glass. (I prefer an expensive glass cause....Its just all in thee attitude!)
    Love the butterfly on a flower picture.
    Nice picture of Glen.
    Do anything with the apples, like applesauce? YUM

  5. Dad's "place" looks great now! Good organizing skills mama. Thanks for the new wine "glass"... can I call it a wine glass? Thanks for the new wine plastic!

    btw Paula, I was not holding the wine glass when it broke. It was sitting on the coffee table and my leg brushed it and it fell onto the floor. There was no wine in it, thank God. What a waste!

    Pissed about Off the Map too! How could they!

  6. Haha. Sounds like me. Hubby swears he is going to get me a sippy cup because I'm always spilling drinks in the living room. But in my defense I seem to only spill things when he is home...so I say thy in a roundabout way it's his fault ;)