Happy "Talk like a Pirate Day"! Arrrggg!

Ahoy Matties! Welcome t' me blog, come celebrate with me - "Talk like a Pirate day"
This day is dedicated to me daughter! Me daughter is a lubber of  t' "Pirates o' t' Caribbean" movie series. She be in love with Johnny Depp. 
So put up your Jolly Roger, grab your cup o' coffee or your glass o' grog and join us in talkin' like a pirate! Don't be a Scallywag and be ignorin' t' day. Just make aye not t' be pickin' up any bad habits like stealin' any doubloons or makin' anyone walk t' plank! Yo-ho-ho!
Here is the Original "Talk like a Pirate Day" website - HERE

WHAT'S HAPPENING -One of the things I did for "The Daughter's" Birthday was tie dye her some chair covers. I bought some plain white chair covers at a yard sale - $10. for 4 of them. But then thought, ugh, I really don't want to giver her white chair covers. They will get stained so fast and she will forever be bleaching them.
Then all of the sudden it hit me - "I'll tie die them to match her Apt."!
Well this is no easy and quick undertaking! I am an experienced dyer, but what took so long was - there were 4 of them, they were big, and they were like a canvas material so heavy and thick.
Here is the step by step process -

This is the "before" picture - the plain white covers.
 It took at least 15 min. to rubberband each cover (so about 1 hr.)
Then I had to mix the dye (2 colors, so 20 min.) and put the covers in the dye for about 1 hr. (2 colors, so 2 hrs.)
Then comes the rinsing! You have to rinse about 20 times, until the water is almost clear again. This is about half hr. for each color (so 1 hr.)
Then cut the bands off and rinse again - about 10 min. for each cover (40 min.)
Put them through the washer (about 30 min.) and dryer (about 40 min.)
 And this is how they turned out!

 Even Martina loved them! And so did Ashley!

 TV - Shows I've watched so far -
Parenthood - I always record this on DVR and watch it with the daughter. The Season opener was great! It felt so good to be back with them again, LOL.
Survivor - Wow, there are already some people I really like and really don't like!
I have always loved "Coach" as quirky as he is! This season he really seems like he has a chance. He is much nicer and has calmed down. Ozzie, on the other hand - i always liked, but do not like him as much this season, he has to prove himself to me.
Albert - Wow! the Bod!
Jim - let's just call him "Jim the Jerk"
John "the geek" - are you serious? You will never survive!
Rick - bad attitude
The others I have yet to form an opinion - stay tuned for next weeks evaluation.

KNITTING - Everyone seemed to love the tomato! Thanks. The stem and leaves have not been sewed on yet. That is the worst part for me. Finishing!
My plan is to knit lots of veggies - eggplant, onion, garlic, carrot, squash etc. and ten felt a bowl to put them in as a gift for my Mom-in-law! Hopefully for Christmas.

The only things cold weather is good for -
The food! good winter foods -
Soup! I love soup but can not eat it in the summer, too hot.
Oatmeal, yum, and healthy too.
Chili, I love Chili, meatless, of course! (tomatoes, onions, peppers, 2 kinds of beans, chilli powder, serve over rice with melted cheese on top!)
Spanish Rice - I make it with V8 juice! One of my fav. winter meals.
Hot tea instead of iced tea. I love herbal teas and love having a cup in the evening.
And - ice cream! Well you didn't actually think I would give up ice cream over the winter, did you?

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  1. Aye! Johnny Depp be me favorite pirate of t' sea! Avast, me comment must be scarce, we be arriving upon the hour o' scrubbin the decks soon mattey! Me cup o' coffee is by me side (me rum is saved for later). Now I must be making sail t' work 'for t' Scallywags make me walk t' plank for bein a wee bit late. ARRRR!

  2. Oooo I love cold but you're so much further north than me that your cold is far different from mine I'm sure ;)

  3. Aargh! Avast me hearties. Swab that deck or it's the lash for you.

    I do love talk like a pirate day.

  4. Love the chair covers. Very thoughtful and unique. Your daughter has one amazing mother ;0)


  5. Cute chairs covers....I remember doing this with tees What at great idea.
    Try chicken chili..it is delicious.
    I love the winter sweaters but hate the winter.
    I make and we eat soup all year long.
    In the summer I make a lot of soup with zucchini, onion, green pepper and tomatoes..yum! Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. YUM!!!
    Love Ya,

  6. My best friend and Ashley would get along fabulously on pirate day!

    The chair covers are gorgeous! What a lot of work to get there though.

    I think this just might be a great year for Survivor. I like Coach too. He's a little different this year and I think that'll be good to get him further in the game.

    Have a great week my friend!