Vacationing in PA

This past weekend I went to PA to visit the hubby.
Reminder - The hubby works in the "Oil field" in PA, (its really natural gas but they still call it the oil field). We live in NY. So I only get to see him once every week or two! So i decided to go visit him this time.

This is his room and kitchen that he rents in a trailer. Its pretty nice actually, better than I thought

This is the view out his front door -
 This is to the right -
 This is to the left (this is actually the house of the people who own the land).
 And this is the view out the back door -

The first day I was there, Glen got called in to work. Nancy, the wife of the property owner took me under her wing for the day. I ended up having a great time with her! She took me to all these little unique shops, she took me out to lunch, blueberry picking, to a plant shop/green house, and even met her mother (who was a very sweet woman). That evening when Glen and her husband both got home we all went out to dinner. 

The next day Glen was off so he took me around sight seeing -
This is a drill rig -

These are some of the area views, its beautiful down there!

Here are some real country churches!

 And here's a sign you don't see everyday!
This was at a pull off on the road so you could look out at the views. I loved these little buildings.
Yes, that's the hubby inside.

And here is the view from that place -

 Then we went to a place called "The oldest House" in Laceyville. It is the oldest house (built in 1781) in four counties (Wyoming, Bradford, Sullivan, and Susquehanna). 
Here is a link to the description - 

Then it was time to come home. I hope to go back down at least one more time.

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  1. Great pictures. I have always thought that Pa is a beautiful state.
    Those old country churches are like the ones around here...lots of them around here. It was nice that you could go there and spend time with him. I would like to go through that old house. Lots of interesting thing inside....

  2. It looks like your Hubby is working a very pretty area. You got some great pictures. Glad you had a good time while visiting.

  3. What a great trip to take and seeing hubby is nice too! What a beautiful area- the scenery is wonderful. I love that old house and the country churches. They're great. I wonder if that picture of The Last Supper that's on the mantle is as old as the house. That would be nice to have.

  4. You did a lot - glad you got to spend time w/ the hubby! Enjoyed the photos!

  5. Love the pictures! I feel like I was there, and I can't wait until I can be! FYI I can't wait till talk like a pirate day and I love that it's only 4 days after my birthday! Its fate, Johnny D and I are meant to be together!

  6. I didn't know you were split like Jimmy and me. Ours is better since my retirement. Was going real good (me with him during the week) until all the storms and I have to be home to handle the repairs now. Just about completed, so I will be going with him again very soon.

    Did you see Wendy's book is out? She said she would send you the file if you will review it.