Now - this is summer!

 As I was sitting on my front porch this morning drinking coffee and reading on my nook, I realized what beautiful little scenes there were all around the porch. The sun was shining here and there making shadows. The potted flowers were shining. The dew on the grass looked like diamonds.
YES! It was just coffee I was drinking! I can appreciate God's handiwork now and then.

WHAT'S HAPPENING - I am trying to enjoy all the rest of the summer vacation I  have left. I have been getting together with the daughter, doing alot of reading, doing alot of knitting, and today I am going shopping! Nothing exciting, I need some new bras. I hate bra shopping. I hate trying on bras. Its kinda in the same realm as swim suits. They either look terrible trying them on, or they look good trying them on until the first time you try to wear them. Then you think "What was I thinking? Did this actually look good in the dressing room? Did this actually fit these?" But never-the-less it has to be done, just like laundry. So I am going bra shopping!

I haven't seen my husband since the first day I got home. We talk on the phone everyday sometimes twice a day, sometimes three times a day (if the reception is bad and we have to hang up and call back).  I think he is coming home any day now, maybe tomorrow! I am thinking of going back to PA with him and staying for a couple of days.

TV - 
SYTYCD - Here are my favorites - 2 of my girls are left and 2 of my guys are left.
Girls - Melanie Moore, Ryan Ramirez, Sasha Mallory, Ashley Rich
Guys - Jess Leprotto, Marko Germar, Robert Taylor Jr., Wadi Jones
DESIGN STAR - I love this HGTV show. I was so excited that it was starting up again.
Here are my favs. - Leslie Ezelle, Mark Diaz, Tyler Wisler, and I used to like Cathy, but after last night I have changes my mind. Now I am taking her off and adding Kellie Clements.
Also watching - The Glades (yummy, eye candy), Combat Hospital (new show - excellent!), The Nine Lives of Chloe King (hmm not sure how I feel about this but I am giving it season),

Some new shows coming in the fall that I might look into - Charlie's Angels (Theirrrr baaack!!! Yes!), New Girl (looks hilarious!), The River (takes place in the Amazon)
Shows I am looking forward to coming back!!! - Parenthood, Off the Map, The Good Wife, and Harry's Law.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT - Spam mail. We all get it. Dozens of it everyday. We all know how ridiculous it is, does anyone really fall for these. And yet they keep trying, relentlessly sending them to us everyday! Here are some lines from my spam folder - who are they trying to kid?

I am special Agent John Edward from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) intelligence unit; (even the FBI is sending me spam?)
I am Al-Suhaybi Abdullah Saleh the third son of Ali Abdullah Saleh the president of Yemen. (Oh well if you're the President of Yemen)
Immediate transfer of $23.5 Million Dollars to you (Woo hoo, I'm a winner!) 
Please I need advice from you, you can call me immediately. (Yeah I'm picking up the phone now.) 
HOW ARE YOU DOING? (hahahaha how original!) 
RE: confirmation letter from BMW (Ha! I wish!) 
Dr.Frank,Can I Trust You?? (Obviously you have me confused with someone else)

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  1. Your view on your porch is very pretty. I would sit out there and read and drink coffee also.

    Glad you are enjoying your summer. =)

  2. I like your roof and the fern pictures.

    I also hate to try on Bras....take off your top, take off your old bra, put the new bra on, put back on your top...see how "they" look. After trying on a dozen bras and going through this several times you settle on one. Now your tried and you want to just go home. Bras are not like fun clothes shopping.

    Have fun in PA and with your hubby.
    Love Ya,

  3. Love the pictures of your porch :) Makes me so envious as "my porch" is 7 floors up - although I also have a gorgeous view of the St-Lawrence River.

    As for bra shopping - I just always buy the same type, same size. Pick up the right box and just pay for it. I HATE shopping in general (except for books) so bra and bathing suit shopping basically send me over the edge.

    Enjoy your coffee, book (even though you are reading it on a Nook) and your beautiful view.

  4. I despise bra shopping and I need to go soon. After losing so much weight I'm reall in need of some new ones.

    I love your pictures. I'd give anything for a front porch like yours! That, or sitting there having a coffee with you would be fantastic!

    Lady Gaga is on the show tonight - that should be interesting. Lol.

  5. Looks like you have a very peaceful porch!

    I LOVED Off the Map, but I think they cancelled it **Huge Sad Face**

    I might watch the New Girl too, it does look really funny!

    My spam sometimes consists of:
    -Viagra ads...um, do they know I'm a female?
    -Women saying they saw my profile and are interested in me...uh riiight
    -UK lottery wins...too bad I live on a different continent or I would be mega rich by now!
    -Emails in chinese letters
    -I hope this email finds you well, I'm a) dying of cancer; b)in need of a business partner; c)wanting to wire you money

    ...I get a TON of spam!!

    Hope you enjoy your time with your hubby and hopefully bra shopping wasn't too horrible!