A Day at the Daughter's

I went over to my daughter's apt. and spent the afternoon. We had wine on the deck and then cooked dinner together. Here's how it went (in pictures).
Here we are drinking wine (one of our favorite things to do) and this is actually not such a bad picture of me (must be the wine, LOL) the daughter, of course, is the pretty one!

Picking a bug out of the wine!
 Drinking the same wine.
 What? I got the bug out!
Hmmm since mom's not drinking hers...
 Guess I'll have them both!
EEWW, glad that wasn't in my wine glass.
Then we picked some peaches from her peach tree. Don't they look yummy?

Here we are cooking dinner together. Notice she gives me the dirty work of chopping the veggies while she just stands at the stove holding the spoon!

 served!  Deee-lish!
Then she entertained me with her guitar playing and singing. Yes, she can do that!

Mother and daughter. I honestly don't know where she gets her good looks from, its not me!

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  1. great pictures....Dinner looked yummy.
    Fresh peaches..make fresh peach cobbler with ice cream..yum.
    How nice that you two could spend the day together.

  2. She looks like you; you make a great mom and daughter team!

  3. Great photos of the two of you! And of course drinking wine is a fun activity...now you just need some good cheese. Maybe Havarti or smoked gouda....yum!

  4. I love this blog! Hilarious!!! And I get all my good looks from you! I can't wait for a repeat dinner making extravaganza (with wine of course, minus the bugs)

  5. Aw great pics! Looks like you two had a great day!

    We had some wine tonight too :)

    Mmm, peaches!

  6. Love the pictures!! Makes me miss living by all of my friends and family :(

  7. Bug-Protein!

  8. I love mom and me days!!! I haven't had one in a while.=( Glad you ha d a great day.

  9. Your daugher seems so relaxed while playing the guitar. Looks like you two were really having a good time.

    Thank you so much for reading Wendy's book.

  10. How beautiful and sweet and fun. I love these pictures.