More front porch sittin'

I was a beautiful sunny morning about 70 degrees. How could I resist sitting on the porch reading drinking coffee.
Nice shadows, don't you think?
My Wisteria was getting a little unruly.
 So I got up and chopped it all off! Now its all nice and trim.
Whenever I am on the porch, Martina's not far. Here she is sitting in the front porch window. She will stay there till I go in.

WHAT'S HAPPENING - My mom and Step-dad will be coming for a visit starting Thur (Aug 18) - Mon (Aug. 22). We will go out to dinner and go shopping. I plan on taking my mom to Sheryl Schaefer's of Schaefer Yarn Co., and introducing her. They live just around the corner from us and she has a little outlet shop where the yarns are up to 50% off!

I will also take her to Watkins Glen for some shopping at gift shops that are unique to that area. Then on the way home if there is time we might stop at a couple of my favorite wineries.
We will also go out to dinner, probably O'Malley's on the Lake or Little Venice.

The hubby has to go back to PA for work so I do not even know if he will be around that weekend.

TV -
SYTYCD - I was so glad to see both Melanie and Sasha in the top 2! I loved them both right from the start. I really think Melanie deserved to win! YAY!
DESIGN STAR - Finally!!!! Cathy gets kicked off!!!! She was soo full of herself. I could hardly stand to watch her. I was really upset last week to see Tyler go home, I really liked him. My favorites are - Mark, Kellie, and Leslie.
Still watching - Nine Lives of Chloe King (addicted!), The Glades (addicted to Jim!!) Combat Hospital (great show!).
I just found out - thank you Jen@Random!!! (I personally blame you) that "Off the Map" has been canceled!!! I am so upset! So many of my favorite shows get canceled! That was a great show!

KNITTING - Working on Christmas gifts (getting a head start! Haha!) so no pictures  :-(

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  1. As always, love, love your pictures and post. Your porch sounds like such a great place :)

  2. We will see you Thursday!!!!
    Love Ya,

  3. Your porch looks like the perfect place to relax with a good book! Sam is never very far from my side either. Usually he's busy putting his paws up on my leg to get picked up. Lol.

  4. Wish I was riding up with your mother so I could go to visit Sheryl with all of you.

    Had wondered where the knit photos have been. Now I know, guess I will have to wait to see knitting.

  5. Haha! No, don't blame me, lol! I was a loyal watcher of Off the Map! I can't believe it only survived one season :(

    I was wondering who won SYTYCD, I didn't see the last two shows. I blame the football game for me missing the finale!

  6. Did you hear there is a good chance Combat Hospital won't get picked up/renewed in the states? I'm so majorly bummed. I love that shoq.