Too cold, No too hot! Make up my mind.

Do you see what I see? Baby tomatoes on my tomato plant!

I am so glad that my daughter and my husband are not too old to play!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - Huge weather changes! Two days in a row it was in the 90's! We have had tornado threats, T-storms, high winds, even hail. And now it is in the 60's!
And still it is not the end of the world! LOL

I saw this on a book site I belong to and thought it was hilarious!
░░ 44% DONE.
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TV - 
Totally into SYTYCD mode! Ya know... I think I love the judges just as much as the dancers. I think this show has the best judges of any reality show! I love them all, none of them annoy me. I also love Cat Deeley, the host, and again I think she is the best host of all the reality shows.

During "The Amazing Race" they were advertizing a special limited time Amazing Race Snapple. Being a huge AR fan. I went on a search. It took my a few weeks but...
Found it!!!!

I bought one of each and will rinse them out after I drink them and save them along with the boxes.

KNITTING - Here is a shrug I made for the daughter -

The yarn is a wool blend. I won it at the last Fingerlakes Fiber Big Sale Day. It was a real nice easy pattern I found on Ravelry. She has already put in orders for more in different colors. I think she kinda loves it!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT - A sure sign I am getting older. I used to be a Sun Goddess. The hotter the better. When I was in my teens and twenty's I loved summer and would sit or lay out in the sun even when it was 90 or hotter. Now I can't stand it! If it is over 85 it is too hot for me. I can honestly say, I never saw this coming! Years ago I said "That will never happen to me. I love it hot" Well... It happened to me! Today it is only 65 and I am loving it! I don't even know when this happened, I think sometime in the past two years. I wish there was a state in the US where it was in the 70's all year round. I would so live there!
I still love summer! I just don't like it so hot!

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  1. Your tomato plant looks great! You will have them coming out of your ears soon.

    Love the shrug. Looks so cute on Ashley but then she is cute. Am I being a prejudice grandmother?

    Which one is the kid? hahahaha

    I love the hot hot hot. Its been in the mid to upper 90's all week and there is no let up in site for the next 10 days. I do have to admit I don't want to be working in it out side when it is in the 90's. I really like 85ish. To me that is perfect and i would not mind having it that all year long.
    Love Ya,

  2. I HATE hot weather...not for me and never has been! I would prefer 75* year round. I literally get cranky when it gets too hot. I'd rather sit inside in the air conditioning.


  3. Your tomato plant is awesome! Ours are just puny right now. But we do have our garden and flowers planted now so we're on our way. I'm with you in the heat. I used Ti thrive in the really hot weather. Everyone else would be complaining and I'd be loving it. Not so anymore. I still like the warm weather but not when it starts getting so hot that I'm uncomfortable.

    Love the shrug you made for your daughter. Very pretty!

    I'm in SYTYCD mode too. I love Nigel! He's in quite the playful mood this year! It looks like there may be some pretty awesome dancers on it this time around.

    Hugs to you!

  4. Thanks for the compliments ;) I love the shrug! Its so comfy and warm(ish lol) and pretty! The boyfriend loves it too so that's a plus!

    Darlene, SYTYCD is my favorite show! You should check out my Fictionista blog for my review on the first episode.

  5. Hope your scary weather is over! Loved the shrug - your daughter is so cute! Also, I'm with you on the hot weather. I cant take anything over 80 degrees - it makes me want to stick my head in a freezer - lol!

  6. I'm so behind on reading blogs! Anywho, love the shrug!

    I prefer temp's 72 or below. 75 is ok if its breezy or if I can hide in the shade! Lol...not that I'm picky or anything!

    The SYTYCD judges (and Cat) are so fun! Although I think Little C is a bit too long winded on occasion!

  7. She looks very excited about the shrug.