It's almost summer, it's almost summer, it's almost summer!!!

More little baby tomatoes!

My dogwood trees are just full of flowers this year.

Don't know what these are called, but - little pinkish flowers from my garden.

Rose buds.

WHAT'S HAPPENING - Two more weeks of school! Then I am kid free for 2 months! You would think, from hearing me talk, that I don't like kids. I actually love kids, especially "My kids" (the ones I take care of), I just also love summer vacation when my time is my own. I am planning a few trips, one big vacation (2 weeks) and a few mini vacations. I will tell more about them in the future.

I think I mentioned a couple weeks ago??? That the daughter has a new shift at work, she is not the overnights anymore!!! YAY! She is now on Mornings. This is very exciting, she is really liking it. She works in a private  Alzheimer's Care Facility. She does very well there and likes it a lot. I think I'll stick to working with kids!

Lets talk about the weather, shall we? It has been gorgeous! A few hot days (in the 90's) a few short showers, a few coolish days, I'd call that just about perfect! For such a crappy early spring, we are having a great late spring/early summer.

TV -
Vegas week starts this week on SYTYCD! Fun fun fun! In another week or two I will list my favorites. Is anyone else loving the judges as  much as I am? Isn't Nigel funnier and more candid this year? Isn't Tyce hotter this year?  Can't wait to see some of the others.

YAY! "The Glades" is back. Talk about "Hott" -
Mmm Hmm you're gonna start watching it now aren't ya?

KNITTING - These are socks I am working on. I made the pattern up myself! I love it when you make a pattern and actually like the results! Click on the picture to see a bigger version.
 This is the yarn I am using - Bamboo, wool, and silk, very light and soft, good for summer.

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  1. I didn't know Tyce could get any hotter, but he is!

    Your nature is pretty! I'll have to walk around my property and take some pictures for you to see :)

    I am LOVING my new shift!!! It's so different there when the lights are on and the residents are awake and the employees aren't zombies! I love it!

  2. I wish our dogwoods were still in bloom but they are long gone. My roses are in full bloom. Can you get Knock out Roses up there? They boom all summer til frost.

    THE GLADES!!!!!!!!YES, WOOHOO, He is so cool in a cocky kind of way. (I wish he has kept his Aussie accent). Need I say more!!!!!

    Love your socks.

    Glad that Ashley has a "day job" she will love it. Congrats to her.

    As for the weather.....it has been in the 90's for 16 day straight and humid. BUT next week in the high 80's and lower humidity.

    Love ya, Mom

  3. I love seeing summer everywhere finally! Congrats to Ashely - a day job is so much better. Love the socks and yes Nigel is way funnier this year. He just cracks me up!

  4. I see you are designing too!