WHAT'S HAPPENING - My birthday was last week. The above pictures were from my little party I had with  my daycare kids. The hubby was here and The Daughter came over. We had cookies and icecream. Any reason to celebrate, right?

The weather here has been a real mix. It will be sunny and in the 80's then get dark and storm... everyday! We had tornado warnings again yesterday, but nothing. I could hear a T-storm in the distance but not here.

The best news - The daughter, who works overnights at a home for Alzheimer residents, has just been moved to the morning shift! Yay, welcome to the real world honey! You will actually be sleeping when other people are sleeping and working when other people are working!  Strange huh? She has explained to me that this is the best shift and the one everyone wants. So I am real happy for her.

TV - 
Survivor - YAAAAAAAY!!!!!! Boston Rob wins! He was my pick from the beginning. I am real happy.
Dancing with the Stars - again YAAAAAY!!!!! Hines Ward wins! Again my pick from the beginning! I was very happy with the top three, they were my 3 favorites. It was amazing how much weight Kirstie lost, she is about half the size she was! i just hope she can keep the weight off. i know that has been hard for her in the past.
American Idol - UUUGGGHHH! Oh well I was 2 for 3. Scotty wins. I know he does have a good singing voice and I know he will do well and will have a following, but he is just not my type. He is more "old school" country and I am new country. I really think Lauren will do well and will probably have a CD out soon (which I will be buying).

Just starting - So you think you can dance (SYTYCD) - The daughter came over last night to watch the first show. Fun fun! Bot they are gonna have some real good dancers this year. I already have some favorites!

Also starting soon - The Glades will be starting in June. And this new show I will be watching for - The New Girl.

KNITTING - These are socks I am working on for the hubby. I am using Schaefer - Anne yarn, it is a nice slate blue. Notice the simple cables, I hope he is ok with this. Plain ribbing gets boring sock after sock!

These are the summer socks I made for my self - they are also Schaefer yarn. Very bright and pretty.

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  1. This comment is for Ashley...

    Ashley - so glad you got your shift moved to "real people" time. I know you have struggled with trying to work during the "you should be sleeping" time. Very proud of you! I can only imagine how excited you are.


  2. The weather has been crazy! Kirby (my dog) and I were hanging out in the basement last night since hubby called from work and said it was crazy. I heard there were two possible tornados really close to my house/work. We'll see if it's confirmed.

    I only watched a few nights of Idol but I really liked the top two.

    I love SYTYCD! I only caught the second half because of the storms but not to worry, it's DVR'd, yay!

  3. How great for your daughter. My hubby was one third shift for many years and finally got a job on first shift it is wonderful.

    I was not very happy with American Idol either. I thought for sure that Lauren was going to win after James left. =(

    Glad you had a great birthday!

  4. This weather has been terrible.
    We had golf ball size hail yesterday. The sound was deafening. I have never seen this size hail before, only in pictures. The only damage was some bushes. We were lucky.

    Yea!!!!!The Glades....can't wait.

    Love both of the socks yours and Glens. I love the cables, they are fun to make.

    I am so happy for Ashley to be on days. The night shift is a hard one. You just really don't have a life like a normal person. She has come such a long way. I am one very proud Grandma, she has accomplished so much and at times it has not been easy.

    Looks like your Birthday was a lot of fun....I bet the kids really had a great time celebrating.
    Love ya,

  5. Aww thank you Paula and Grandma! It definitely has been a struggle that's for sure! I am really excited to start the first shift, a week from Sunday!

    Happy day after, day after, day after, day after, day after, day after, day after, day after, ... birthday mommy!

    Hines! WOO! and Rob! WOO! and Scotty? I liked him but he was NOT my favorite! Hmmmm...
    SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!! I am SO EXCITED that this season has FINALLY started!!!!

  6. Hi Wendy...I just had to come by and get a Glimpse of your kitty and see what is up and say Hi. Thanks for all your lovely comments. Your blog is smoking hot fun! Miss you, Toni