Summer vacation - a week away!

 What a good little squirrel on the ground and not in the bird feeder.
 What? Did someone just say bird feeder?

Poker Plant -
 Roses getting ready to bloom.

One more week of school left!!!!!! I feel like the kids, being so excited for summer vacation. Next week will be very busy for me though. Wed. and Thur. are both half days, so I will have kids from 12:30 on, and Fri. is no school but I will have kids all day. Friday being the last day of school. I am hoping to do something fun that day like go to a park or something.

The hubby was home for a whole week this time because work was slow in PA. He just got called back and left at 4:30 am. He did get a lot of work done around here, did some work around the house, lawns mowed, and started painting his parents house.

I feel like I am having less and less to tell. But life in a small northern town is pretty hum drum. Not that I am complaining!!! I love hum drum! The weather has been good, upper 70's and lower 80's a couple showers here and there, perfect in my book!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! to all you dad's out there. I'm not even sure my hubby will even be home for Father's day.

TV -
SYTYCD - This was the first week of the real show, 20 people, 10 couples.
Here are my favs. -
Girls - Melanie Moore, Ryan Ramirez, Sasha Mallory, Ashley Rich
Guys - Jess Leprotto, Marko Germar, Robert Taylor Jr., Wadi Jones

Another show I have just started watching - The Nine Lives of Chloe King - cute show, not very good acting, but good for summer, we'll see how it goes.

KNITTING - Still knitting socks, hopefully next week I will be showing pictures of finished ones!

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  1. Watch out for those squirrels..they are smart.

    We have a raccoon that climbs up onto our deck and drinks the hummingbird food, so I have to take it in nights or he will empty it by morning it is all gone.

    Hope Glen can make it home for Father Day...it was nice that he was home for a week and able to get things done and spend time with you.

    I have not knitted in about 2 weeks..I'm having withdrawal pains!
    Between the mulch and my abscessed tooth and root canal have not had much time or felt like it. I am so ready now.

  2. I just love SYTYCD! They've got some really good dancers on it this year. I'm reserving my opinion on my faves still because I like a lot of them but I'll wait till the next show and see if more stand out for me. It was a really good show last night though and I'm glad they all get to stay.

    I know what you mean by not always having a lot to say. That happens to me all the time. My life is just not that exciting. lol. Oh well.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. A quiet summer in the north sounds like heaven to me! have you been reading any good books? There's this one I read a blurb about in the magazine called "A view of the Lake" that I want to get. It hasn't been released yet but should soon.

  4. Aww I love squirrels! I haven't seen my little red squirrel in quite a while :(

    I watched a few sytycd online and I LOVE some of the dancers this season! I'm excited to watch this week!