Somebody's birthday is this week!

Cherry blossoms at the barn!

First time mowing this year.

WHAT'S HAPPENING - My birthday's coming up this week, the 19th! Happy birthday to me!
The daughter and her boyfriend are taking me out to dinner Wed. night for my birthday. I am really looking forward to that. The hubby, who works weeks at a time in PA, said "You know I probably won't be back for your birthday" I said - "Well we will just do a lot of celebrating when you get home!"

My Mom-in-law just had hip replacement surgery. She is still in the hospital but doing well. She is sitting up and doing a little walking. Hoping to come home early this week. My Father-in-law and I went out to breakfast this morning.
The Daughter and I will be going to visit her this afternoon, then maybe for coffee. That's what we do - go for coffee.

My oldest niece is 5 months preg. with her second child. The last time she was here visiting we were all teasing her about having another girl because there are no boys born into this family. The only males in this family is through marriage. She said "No it feels different, I really think it might be a boy" We all said nope sorry its a girl, there are no boys in this family. She said "I know, I know but I really think this one might be a boy."
Well surprise, surprise! Its a GIRL!!!! Hahahaha I told her I was glad cause I love baby girls anyway. I wouldn't even know how to buy for a baby boy.

TV - Well a lot of these reality shows are coming to an end.
Amazing Race - winners - Sisters Jen and LaKisha Hoffman
Survivor -  The finale is tonight!!!!!!! Will Boston Rob take it all? I was kinda disappointed that they voted off Grant. I could tell that Rob really felt bad though, I think he really liked him.
DWTS - Romeo goes home. My top 3 are still in it! Kirstie, Hines, and Chelsea, any one of them could win and I would be happy.
American Idol - I don't even want to talk about this show! The only one left that I really like is Lauren, and I have liked her from the start. Where are people's heads this year. Its kinda like - let's just vote off the best.  The final 3 - Scotty, Lauren, Haley. Haley would be my second choice at this point.

These are socks that I knit for my mother for her birthday. Notice the cable detail running all the way up the side.

These are socks that I am knitting for myself. And yes, they really are that bright! I thought they would be fun for summer.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!
    Hope you have good time with Ashley.

    There are so many birthdays in May.
    You, your sister, me, Nieces(have no nephews...Paula its a GIRL! YEA.) and a few grand kids in May too. May is just as bad as December.

    Thanks you for the great socks, I love them and have showed them to everyone! They love them. And the yarn, it is beautiful. Don't know what I am going to make yet.

    Great pictures...First time mowing the yard, funny. We have mowed ours a lot!

  2. that's funny first time mowing the yard... the same is true for my apartment building. I thought the pup was going to get lost a few times in all that grass!

  3. Thanks for all the "moral" support...

  4. Happy Birthday Mommy! David and I are really looking forward to taking you out too! Remember that you get to decide where you want to go!

    BOSTON ROB ALL THE WAY!!!! Actually I kinda want Matt to win also because I really feel like he deserves it just as much, if not more than Rob. AND he's been giving the glory to God on nation television! Which I think is amazing... however I wouldn't hate it if Grant won either haha.

    I'm definitely team Rob, back up team Matt with a side kick of Grant lol

    American Idol: WHAT!!! I haven't been watching but my beloved James is gone!?!?! And Casey!?!?! and Paul!?!?! What is this show coming to?? Lauren better win, that's all I have to say. Don't get me wrong, I love Hayley and Scotty but I don't think they should win!

    That's all for now, birthday girl :)

  5. Happy happy Birthday! You get to enjoy before, during and after your birthday. Now that's what I call a great celebration!

  6. Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoy all the celebrating. Are you in the knitting group at the library? I've been debating going to it. Also wonder about the book club.

  7. Happy birthday. Sounds like you are going to have a busy week! I guess that's what happens when you turn 29!!!

    I love the socks. Wish I could keep knitting, but everytime I try to do some knitting, my neck and shoulder blades end up killing me for days afterwards. Sigh! see what happens when you no longer turn 29 :)

    Have a great week.

  8. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and a fun-filled week!! Love you!!

  9. Happy Almost Birthday! Hope you have a good birthday dinner and I'm sure hubby will spoil you when he gets home. Best wishes for your MIL's speedy recovery!

    I was so happy Rob won! Not so happy he booted Grant though and now Grant is mad at him. I think he ruined what might have been a good friendship there although I guess it is a show but I don't know. I think he should have stayed loyal to him but then Grant may have won.

    Love all your knitting! Have a great week!

  10. HOpe your birthday was wonderful sis! Loved all those blossom photos. Hope the hubby also gets you some nice wine to help celebrate! what did Martina get you???