This is our trip to our cabin in the Adirondack last week -
Remember you can click on the pictures to get a closer look, then just hit the back button.

I have no idea what these 3 ducks are, they took off as soon as I got there with  my camera (of course). Good action shot though huh? If you can identify them please let me know!

At least the Mallards stuck around, good old faithful -

Mountains from Lake Pleasant. This is about 20 min from our cabin. We come here a lot, its one of my favorite lakes.

We went on a couple of hikes and found some nice views -
This is our car, notice the snow!

 A lot of the hikes in the Adirondacks have a sign in place, just in case you come up missing - they know where to look! Good thing we didn't come up missing!

This is the hike into Augar Falls. This was a pretty tricky walk, only because of all the ice and snow still in the woods.

It is kinda hard to tell in these few pictures but when you get close to the falls, it gets treacherous. It is very steep and very slippery. The falls are big and roaring! If you fell over you would be dead. It is not like the cute little state parks with railings to hold you back, you are on your own. We were holding on trees with every step and I kept yelling at Glen "Get back here, don't get any closer!". At one point we were about 15 feet away from each other and I yelled at Glen and he couldn't hear me, that's how loud it was.

When we visited our friends in Indian Lake the next day they told us earlier this year someone did go over the edge and died because they were trying to take a picture!!!
I love big rocks!

It was 49 that day and I ended up taking my jacket off, too hot to hike.
This was on our way to visit our friends in Indian Lake. We stopped to eat our packed lunch. We ate at a camp site overlooking Indian Lk.
This is our friend's driveway! And the next is a picture of their cabin. See how much snow they have!


  1. brrr...snow still on the ground? My son said it was cold up that way. Beautiful though.

  2. There is a good reason I live close to NYC: I don't want snow in late April! Still, it is beautiful up there.

  3. Great pics! I like the flying ducks one...its cool that their wings are in different positions.

  4. Wow, it looks incredibly beautiful there! I'd love to hike through there but with railings. With my luck I'd slip. Lol.

    They sure do have a lot of snow still. Ours is finally gone in our yard but some of the yards here still have some.

  5. Great pictures .... but oh it looks so cold with all that snow!

    See any bears on your walks..be careful, please.

  6. looks beautiful and peaceful! I'm glad you had a good time. I missed you

  7. Looks so lovely there! Hoping warm weather is headed both our ways!! I need to scroll down and check out your duck post you mentioned - sorry i"ve been a bad blogger sis! :-)

  8. Okay, I'm back. Just realized I scrolled too fast. Not sure about your ducks....they're definitely a pretty black and white. I know they are not Loons. Were their eyes golden? Could've been a goldeneye.

  9. I love the pictures. My husband is from New jersey and he took me to the mountains one year when we went there and it looked a lot like the pictures you have here. It's so pretty there. We have cactus here in Las Vegas...not a lot of snow or greenery around.