Spring Break (looks more like winter break)

 Some NY flowers -
 Lilacs starting to leaf out -
 Some NY Pussy-willows (I love pussy-willows) -
 And this would be some NY hail!!! -
 Daycare Easter project -

WHAT'S HAPPENING - The hubby and I are going to the cabin for a few days! So I will not be here to wish you all a wonderful Easter. I hope you enjoy the day and remember the true meaning. That the Lord Jesus paid for our sins and rose again so we could all be saved! Happy Easter!

TV - 
American Idol - NNNOOOOOOOOO! I hate American Idol! Well I don't really, I am just so stinkin mad that Paul went home! I won't be able to look at his pretty face and beautiful smile anymore. 

Survivor - This was a great one! Rob at work again - He rules! Both Mike and David go to Red. Island. This week should be interesting. I don't know how much longer Rob can hold on the the lead but I am enjoying it for now! And Grant... Wow! need I say more? I think all his shirts should just mysteriously disappear!

DWTS - Sorry Sugar Ray had to go home, he was a sweetie. But my how Hines Ward Rocks!!!!! Last night he got all 9's and is now the sole leader! I also love Kirstie Ally and Chelsea Cain.

Amazing Race - Whew, whew, whew! My little cutie - Mallory and her Dad came in last but it was a non-illumination round!

Some gorgeous Schaefer yarn I bought, perfect for some bright spring socks!

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  1. Whats a "speing"?


    Cute Easter projects for the kids.
    Love the yarn for your socks...
    Have fun up at the cabin.
    Martina will miss ya.

  2. I'm not sure well ever see spring if the snow doesn't stop. Lol. I love that yarn you bought - beautiful colors. Have a good time at the cabin and Happy Easter to you all!

    I love Hines! He is such a cutie! He looked so good in that white suit!

  3. HAPPY EASTER! The weather is TRYING to warm up! Hope you had a good weekend.

  4. I want some pussy willows, can I come over and cut some? I also need your gardening advice so as soon as you get back from your little cell phone free vaca... I NEED MY MOMMY!