Signs of Spring - finally!

Daffodils coming up -

Wild Strawberries -

English Primrose -

Tree buds -

WHAT'S HAPPENING - Well as you can see we are a little behind the rest of the world with the exception of maybe Canada, Alaska and Antarctica! But I do think it is finally here. On Saturday and Sunday it was 50. Monday we will have rain all day.
We did have a nice April 1st though - Leave it to NY to snow on April Fools Day! No joke we had snow.

On Sat. I took my daughter out to breakfast at Mano's in Ithaca. Then we went to Micheal's and bought lots of scrap booking stuff on mega sale! I also got an Easter craft for the kids.

With the good weather comes Spring cleaning! I actually like doing this. I like re-organizing and sorting and getting rid of things. Making room for new things of course! On Sat. I re-organized Glen's closet and then mine. I bought those hangers that hold several hangers at a time and collapse to make more room in your closet. Do you know what I mean? Anyway... those things are amazing!!!! I bought one box of 10, then went back the next day and bought 3 more boxes!!! I did both our closets, and I love it! I feel like a commercial but seriously, they are great!

American Idol - I was real sad to see Naima go home but I was so glad to see Paul saved!!!!! I did a major WHEW!!!!! Sorry but didn't care about Thia, too boring, she has about as much personality as my front door! I thought the Elton John night was great!!!! I am a huge fan of his, love his music. My favorite song being "Danial" (sung by boring Thia), and "Your Song" - by Casey!

Survivor - Its the "Rob and Grant show" again! Oh my gosh could they be anymore awesome?????
Sarita goes home. And Matt rules Redemption Island again!!! OK so now I am a little worried for next week.

DWTS - "Psycho Mike" goes home. Too bad, he was nice eye candy! But couldn't dance. So the favorites are - Duh - Hines Ward - he's a Steeler (need I say more)!!! Chelsea Kane - she is so adorable!!! and Kirstie Alley - she is hysterical!! I love her.

Amazing Race - not on this week - watching the"Academy of Country Music Awards"!!! Awesome.

KNITTING -  I started a new pair of socks with some of the new yarn I bought. The colors are gorgeous and it is soooooo soft!

Tell me if this has ever happened to you before. I bought all this yarn for my sweater. I bought it all at the same time, but it is hand painted yarn so there are variations. I expect that. But now after knitting with it - there is one skein that is very different from the others. There is almost no white making it so much darker than the others. You don't notice it till you knit it up. So I had to rip it out. and now I have to wait till I can get there again to see if they have some left and if there are any with more white than that one. UGH!

In the song "Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes - The lyrics go-
"Owner of a lonely heart is much better than the owner of a broken heart"
but there is also the saying -
"It is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all"

What are your thoughts, which one do you agree with?

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  1. The secret to using handpainted yarn is to always use two skeins at a time alternating skeins every two rows. That way any differences between skeins just blend in.

    We left FL with sun and 88 degree weather. Not finding much Spring here yet. Did have some snowdrops and crocus blooming.
    Even the flowering trees are way behind usual.

  2. OHHHH that's a good idea Chris! Too late now, unless I wan to rip the whole thing out. I think I will look for the yarn first. But keep that in mind for next time.

  3. Well you are definitely more springy than we are so you're right about Canada. We still have tons of snow to melt and believe me there are no buds in sight yet. lol.

    I have had that happen with yarn when I'm making afghans. I buy it all at the same time with the same lot numbers and still end up with some pretty significant color changes sometimes.

    Survivor is great this year. I hope Rob lasts to the end and Grant - well he's just gorgeous. I really like Matt too - I hope he makes it back.

    Have a great week Wendy!

  4. I have found that with stripped yarn also and I do alternate the yarn, like Chris said, but I have done it every 4 rows -or- I have used it at the shoulders, just about the bust up to the shoulders seams and it makes it look like you did it on purpose.
    Our daffodils are just about over.
    Our trees have actual leaves on them.
    The Dogwoods and Redbud are out in full bloom and they are so beautiful.
    Right now it is 73* with strong storms moving in between 8-10 PM. Tornado warnings are already up for tonight.
    I like the color of your new pair of socks...I like shades of red.
    Mano's YUM YUM YUM!
    "Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all"
    I hate spring cleaning...especially washing windows!