MIA - Spring, if found please send to NY!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - Oh my word!!! Seriously! Could NY get some Spring please! We got yet ANOTHER snow storm this past week. This is just not funny anymore!
It has been 20's and up to 30 all weekend and will continue all this week. I AM SO SICK OF THIS!!!

I have no other news.

TV - 
American Idol - Motown week, Awesome! I thought everyone did great, even the people I don't care for. BUT... seriously, people! Casey????? He's the best singer they have! Thank you Lord you gave the judges more brains than the rest of America! The judges used their one save to keep Casey. He was sooo blown away it brought tears to my eyes! What a TV moment.

Survivor - Rob and Grant rule again!!! Did you guys see how Grant owned that challenge? And personally I was not too sorry to see the shirt ripped off him, LOL! Can't even remember the name of the girl who was voted off, that's how insignificant she is. Lets just hope Matt can hold on to "Red. Island."

DWTS - I thought Hines Ward did great! I am so glad, now I can actually vote for him based on his dancing not just cause I like him. Round 2 coming up.

Amazing Race - AWWW so sad - Luke and Margie go home. I liked them. Oh well my little cutie, Mallory, is still in.

KNITTING -   Alpaca socks - done!

Summer socks that I started about 6 months ago - working on.

Went to "Fingerlakes Fiber" in Watkins this weekend. I bought this gorgeous new sock yarn! Doesn't sock yarn come in the prettiest colors? The boring blue is for Glen of course!

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  1. Ahhh - if it makes you feel any better, we have had the same type of weather. We had two really nice days two weeks ago (I'm talking almost 70) and then it's been barely 45 every days since. I don't mind snow, but this has reached my limit.

    Dear God:
    I'm too pasty white to continue living like this! Please, please, please....send us some nice warm weather from up above!

    Amen -


  2. Last week we had temps in the 80's this week it is cold here in TN too. Wake up to temps in the 30's with highs in the 40's and 50's, should be in the high 70's. It also is very cloudy and rainy. Bah-humbug!!!!!
    Dogwood Festival starts 4-6..they are out here along with all the other flowers..it is so beautiful here just not warm.
    Love the colors that you got for the new socks.
    Yes they do have the greatest colors for sock yarn...not just boring color socks anymore. I like your blue striped one that you are making.

  3. I adore those socks - I can't imagine the time and effort that goes into those. Wish I had that talent! I've been bugging my mother-in-law to start teaching me how to knit - hopefully my Attention Deficit Disorder doesn't kick in - ha,ha!
    HOpe you're doing well!!