Vote for Hines Ward!

WHAT'S HAPPENING - I had a great idea come to me the other day I thought I would share with you.
While shopping with The Hubby at Walmart, I came across a couple things I would have liked for my birthday (May by-the-way) and told him so. Then said "Why am i telling you this now, you'll just forget by the time my birthday comes" If I were to write a list, he would just loose it! Or, more likely, I would forget to write the list or loose it myself, LOL! So... (Here's the great idea part) I said "Hey, how 'bout I take a picture of it with my phone! Then I will just send it to you before my birthday!" Isn't that a great idea? This could also work equally great the other way around. When he mentions something he wants - I just "click" take a picture and save it. Voila! No more paper list to loose!

The Daughter and I went to "Ladies Day" at the Buttonwood Grove Winery on Sat. we had a good time. They had wine tasting, which we did partake in of course. Cheese tasting, jellies and slasas, massages, Jewelry, and pottery. We bought a few bottles and schmoozed with the owners (who happen to be friends of ours).

TV -**********SPOILERS**********

Survivor - UGH, what is her name anyway? hmmm well anyway, blond that did not matter, went home.
Rob and Grant are running the show! I love it! Have you taken a good at Grant by-the-way???? He's pretty hot! Also, please note that Matt is pretty much ruling Redemption Island! Go Matt!

Grant Mattos - Ex - NFL player (Chargers, Broncos, and Titans) 

American Idol - AAAWWWWWW - Karen goes home! I liked her! Oh Phoo!
I thought this past week on Idol pretty much sucked! Even my favorites did not do very well. I was holding my breath when Paul was up and finally breathed when he was safe! He had a bad cold and laryngitis last week. Another one of my favs - Naima was saved even thought she did not do well. I thought Lauren (another fav.) was great, as was Casey.

Amazing Race - The redhead cheerleaders went home, which is ok with me!

Guess what starts tonight (Mon)????? - Dancing with the Stars! OK everybody, listen up! Pittsburgh Steelers star Wide Receiver - Hines Ward is on!!!!! He's a four-time Pro Bowler, three-time Super Bowl participant, two-time Super Bowl champ, and the Super Bowl XL MVP.
OK now - I want everyone to vote for him, every week, regardless of how he is dancing! Got it? I'm gonna be checking back every week to see if you all voted. Don't let me down!

KNITTING - Still working on Glen's socks.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT - Temperature is temperature is temperature.... NOT!
Why is it - when it is 50 - 60 outside , 70 in the house feels warm. But when it is 30 outside - 70 in the house is freezing? Just last week I was so cold I could swear the furnace wasn't working. I got up and checked it, nope - 69 just as usual. Then why am I freezing, just a few days ago when it was warm outside I was so warm and cozy in here and it was the same exact temp.???? and if it was 69 outside it would be downright hot!
AND... when it gets up about 45 outside we think it is sooo warm, off go the jackets and on go the t-shirts. BUT, if it ever got down to even 50 in the house we would be making an emergency call to the Heating guy to please come fix the furnace!!! Boy how the mind plays tricks on us!
Plus if there is snow on the ground it just feels colder, but if it was sunny and bright outside at the same exact temp. it would just feel warmer.

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  1. Sounds like you and Ashley had a great time. I remember you taking me there and meeting the owners. Very nice people.

    It was 76* here today...WOOHOO!
    I totally agree with you about the temperature thing....in the summer 50* is cold but in the winter 50* in warm, a heat wave!

  2. I usually like Casey, but not the past week, I voted for James last week. I'm changing up this year and posting for who I like that night. I'm usually one who votes for a favorite.

  3. You are so right on the temperature business. It's really weird, isn't it?

  4. Glad you ladies enjoyed the "ladies day" at Buttonwood.


  5. Boy, you through me there...didn't know wall to wall books, but just Wendy that is a different story.

    Actually glad to see you are still working in the same pair of socks. Makes me feel better about where I am with my knitting.

  6. Believe it or not, it is snowing here again! And to top it off it's cold today. Was it really the first day of spring the other day - I think not!

    Yes Grant is very easy on the eyes. I can't wait to see what happens this week. I hope Matt wins the whole thing. That would be hilarious.

    DWTS - I love Hines. He's so sweet and he was moving his booty pretty darn good. Lol.

    Hope you're having a good week!

  7. Go ROB and Grant! Go Naima and James and Lauren and Paul! GO HINES WARD!