Just when you thought it was over.

What's all this white stuff?

I thought winter was done!
Aren't you guys getting sick of seeing snow pictures?
Send a little sunshine my way, will ya?
WHAT'S HAPPENING - The hubby came home for a day this weekend. And with him. he brought "sick germs"!!!! EWWW! I told him not to be bringing home any of those sick germs. I have had a cold for a while now but I really do not want to be sick. Well I think I sent him back to work a little healthier. About the extent of our excitement this weekend was going out to breakfast and going to walmart.

On the other had - Last week, The daughter came over for dinner. She got ready to leave around 9ish (so it was dark). She went out the back door, screamed, and ran back in again slamming the door behind her. With mouth open, and "Doe in the headlights" eyes, she said "I think there is a skunk out there! I saw something run. It ran that way" So I grabbed my camera and ran to the side door and flipped on the porch light.
"OOHH, there's your Skunk!"
I think after finding out it was a possum Ashley wanted to take it home.

TV -
Survivor -  Russel goes home!!! HA HA HA HA! I really really did not like him! And...I am also glad that Matt gets to live for another challenge.
American Idol - Goodbye to Ashthon! She was a really cutie but she just didn't have the pipes. Sorry girl.
Amazing Race - No one goes home this week. So my fav. Mallory and her dad are still in and doing well!

If anyone is watching "Off the Map", boy we have had some real tear jerkers with that one! This is turning out just like ER where every show makes me cry!

I have put the sweater on hold for a week so I could work on the hubby's socks. They are Alpaca.

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  1. You can come here to Southern California never snows;)
    Love the alpaca socks:)(((((Hugs))))Darcy

  2. Hehe What's all that white stuff? SNOW!!! I'm so sick of it! Will it ever end?

    That possum was so cute! Much better than a stinky skunk!

    And thank GOD Russel is gone! Man I could not stand him!

  3. You can have the snow...we are in Vegas and it is 78* here and sunny...sweet!
    Seeing The Lion King tonight...i am so excited to see it. Went shopping today...my feet are sore.

  4. Keep your snow! Ours finally stopped and it's been melting the last few days. Yahooooooooooo!

    The possum is much cuter than a skunk would have been and much less smelly! lol.

    Survivor - I liked Russell so I was sad to see him go.

    Have a great week my friend!

  5. I was just reading about putting knitting on hold and moving to a new project. I go to open your blog and think Wendy always finishes her projects, and guess what...here you are telling her you have put a project on hold. LOL! Know hubby will love the alpaca socks, they will keep his feet so warm, as you continue with snow.