Like I said - Another day another snowstorm!

In case you aren't sick of the snow pictures yet!
This is what should be the front sidewalk -
This is our driveway -
And this is the Hubby getting ready to go shovel -

WHAT'S HAPPENING - One again we are being blanketed with a fresh coat of snow. Just when you though you were done with the shovels, the snowblower, the ice scraper, the boots, and everything else, you get even more snow. The Hubby was home this weekend so we decided to go to Watkins for breakfast and Walmart, and a winery. On the way there it snowed, and snowed, and snowed! And this was on top of the sleet we got in the early morning. It was very slow going all the way to Watkins. We had a great breakfast, as usual. Stopped at Walmart for a few things. Then on the way home stopped at one of the many wineries.
We ended up buying 7 bottles!!! We have no willpower. If you buy 6 bottles you get one free so we got 7 bottles for about $75 which is real good.

The Iditarod starts today! I will update you next week. Of course I will be rooting for Lance Mackey again.

TV -
American Idol - 2 of my fav. guys didn't make it to the top 13 (Robbie and Tim). All my fav. girls made it.

So here's who's in, and what I think of them (click on their name to take you to their page).
Ashton Jones - Very cute, sweet, but not good enough!
Casey Abrams - #1 fav. guy!!! Very good voice, needs to start picking good songs.
Haley Reinhart - Cute, sweet, like her, good voice.
Jacob Lusk - Very good voice, just annoys me, way toooo over the top.
James Durbin - Good singer... sometimes. Very inconsistent. I like him though, he is very likable.
Karen Rodriguez - Love her, My #2 fav. girl. Funny, great voice, full of spunk!
Lauren Alaina - My #3 fav. girl. Very pretty, needs to stay consistent, and choose good songs.
Naima Adepapo - Love love love her! My #1 fav. girl. Love her personality, very good voice.
Paul McDonald - Woo Hoo!!!! Cute!!! My #2 fav. guy singer (#1 for hotness!) need I say more? A link to his website - HERE
Pia Toscano - Very nice voice, but for some reason I just don't care for her.
Scotty McCreery - Like him, not a fav. though, very inconsistent!!! Needs to practice.
Stefano Langone - Real sweet guy, just not good enough a singer!
Thia Megia - Real good singer, just boring as heck! so shy and quiet.
So there you have it! My 2cents worth on everyone.

KNITTING - Sweater back - done, Right front - done, Left front - done, now working on the sleeves.

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  1. Have I been to that winery? Don't recognize the name.
    Sweater looks nice...Is it worked side to side?
    The hubby was home.....Ken used to call me "the wife" and I hated it.
    It makes me sound like a thing that you own and not a partner. Much rather be known as "my wife" which to me sound much more loving than a thing.
    We got 2 1/4 inches of rain while you got snow. ..remember you do live in the north!

  2. No, don't think yo have been to this winery, I will take you when you come, its real good!
    He calls me "Wife" as in -"Hello wife" I don't mind, its cute.
    The bottom of the sweater is worked side to side then you pick up the stitches on the side and work up.
    Yeah, explain to me again why I live in the north.

  3. That's the winery that Lauren and I stayed at a few years back! It's very nice. We really enjoyed ourselves.


  4. Casey is my fav guy too. The only girl I liked was Lauren turner and she is gone. :(

  5. We got more snow last night too - hoping this is the last! I hope your favorite wins the Iditarod. That event is on my dream list to go see one day!

  6. You've gotten a lot done on the sweater- it looks great.

    Idol- I like a lot of the girls. I'm not too fond of the guys this year - not yet anyway. I really like Lauren and Pia.

    I'm with you on the snow. We are just so sick of it here. We got more during the week and the weather forecast is saying more this week. The worst thing is that it's so cold too. Anyhow, it's getting to be too much already. At this rate the snow will still be melting in our backyard in June.

    Have a good week Wendy!

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