Another day, another snow storm!

Just when you think you've found your sidewalk...
The front yard covered with yet another layer of new snow.
The hubby snowblowing.

WHAT'S HAPPENING - Saturday another snow storm blew over us, leaving us with another 8" of snow. OK, this is getting old. Ready for spring now!
On Sunday it was in the high 30's so some of the snow started to melt. On Monday morning it was already 37 with promises to be in the 50's, pouring rain and flood watches. A day in the life of a NYer.
Was I fooled into thinking that was our last snow? No way!

The hubby was home this weekend - he got home on Thur. and will be leaving Mon. afternoon. We had a good weekend together. Took the daughter out to breakfast. Went for coffee at Tim Horton's, got groceries. Snow blowed and shoveled. Watched TV together. Great times!

Last night, Sunday, The daughter and the boyfriend came over for dinner (stuffed shells, garlic bread, salad, and blueberry cake!) Love the boyfriend... love the daughter too!

TV - 
Survivor - Are they idiots? I know I love Boston Rob, but that was a very dumb idea to vote off Matt.
Amazing Race - OK I've decided - Mallory and her dad are my favorites! She is just such a cutie. I love it when she laughs and gets so excited. I will not miss Amanda and Kris, I didn't like them the last time they played.
I think Dancing with he stars will be starting soon. I will have to check the schedule.
American Idol - Final 24! Here are my favorites -
Girls- Naima Adedapo, Lauren Alaina, Karen Rodriguez
Guys- Tim Helperin, Robbie Rosen, Paul McDonald, Casey Abrams
I might change my mind after this week, we'll see.

KNITTING - Sorry no new pictures. I have been working on the Alpaca socks and my sweater. I am 2/3 done with one sock and 1/2 done with the right front of the sweater. Pictures next week.

LIST-O-MANIA - Things I am forward to in the spring-
1. Duh, no more snow!
2. Warmer weather
3. Not cleaning off the car everytime I want to go anywhere
4. Not having to put on so much clothes everytime I want to go anywhere (coat boots hat gloves)
5. Not Scrapping ice off car
6. Not hearing my daughter say "MOM, I'm stuck in the snow!"
7. Flowers
8. Regular sheets on the bed (instead of flannel sheets)
9. Going for walks
10. Opening the windows

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  1. We have lots of rain in northern NJ. It's better than snow! I'm also so ready for spring.

  2. I'm looking forward to not having to say "MOM, I'm stuck in the snow!" This is what, four times this winter? I mean seriously... what is the point of all weather tires if they don't work properly in ALL WEATHER! *Disclaimer, do not use "all weather tires" if you have a history of heart attack, are nursing or pregnant or currently living in NY state!*

    FYI I love being referred to as "the daughter" and I'm glad you love the boyfriend, oh yeah and me too! LOL :-*

  3. While you were shoveling snow...we were out on our patio drinking sodas and watching the golfers go by. It was in the 70's..spring is coming...
    you just to remember you are in the north! I remember that some of the worst snow storms we got were in April.
    The dogwood trees have buds on them, my lilies are up and the forsythia and daffodils are in full bloom!!! Eat your heart out!!!
    Cute the way you refer to Ashley as "the daughter"...does that mean I am "the Mother"?
    The Mother :-)

  4. we dodged the snow downstate, we got some rain though. I still wish spring would get here already!!
    The contest part of American Idol finally is starting tonight! woohoo!

  5. I can totally sympathize on the snow. We too are getting even more. We got about 4 inches the other day and we've got another storm coming through calling for another 4 or 5 inches. This is getting ridiculous already.

    Idol - my favorite is Lauren. She is so sweet and what a voice! I haven't really picked a favorite yet on Amazing Race. Survivor- well this should be an interesting year. I think that farmer guy is going to give Russell a run unless they get him voted off.

    Have a great week Wendy!