Steelers loose, but still proud!

Some lovely snow pictures. We got another 3 inches overnight, and getting some more today. We have a little over a foot now I think. Still real cold! 20 this morning.

Out my kitchen door -
Our shed, hubby's truck and yes, that's a hand pump.
Standing on my front porch -

Celebrating before the big game! Of course we didn't do much celebrating after the game.

TV - Well, the votes are in.. da da da da! Favorite show so far - "Off the Map"
Sorry "Cape" still love you dearly, you are still hot, just - "Off the Map" squeaks by for the win.

American Idol -I am amazed at 2 things - How much I am loving JoLo! What a sweetie! She couldn't be more adorable if she was paid, ah hem! Oh yeah, she is paid, but still.
And second - What a jerk Stephen Tyler is! He couldn't be more of a jerk if he was p... well you get my point. And I am an Aerosmith fan, I can't imagine what people who do not like Aerosmith think of him! He needs to seriously STOP singing with EVERYBODY!!!!! and STOP hitting on ALL the girls!

KNITTING - This is the sweater I am working on.

This is the back so far, but it is hard to see the pattern in this picture. I promise to post better pictures as I go along. Really pretty colors though.

And for your reading pleasure - 
COLD IS A RELATIVE THING                                               
  65 above zero:                                                         
  Floridians turn on the heat.                                           
  People in Upstate New York plant gardens.                               
  60 above zero:                                                         
  Californians shiver uncontrollably.                                     
  People in Upstate New York sunbathe.                                   
  50 above zero:                                                         
  Italian & English cars won't start.                                     
  People in Upstate New York drive with the windows down.                 
  40 above zero:                                                         
  Georgians don coats, thermal underwear, gloves, and wool hats.         
  People in Upstate New York throw on a flannel shirt.                   
  35 above zero:                                                         
  New York city landlords finally turn up the heat.                       
  People in Upstate New York have the last cookout before it gets cold.   
  20 above Zero:                                                         
  People in Miami all die.                                               
  Upstate New Yorkers close the windows.                                 
  Californians fly away to Mexico.                                       
  People in Upstate New York get out their winter coats.                 
  10 below zero:                                                         
  Hollywood disintegrates.                                               
  The Girl Scouts in Upstate New York are selling cookies door to door.   
  20 below zero:                                                         
  Washington DC runs out of hot air.                                     
  People in Upstate New York let the dogs sleep indoors.                 
  30 below zero:                                                         
  Santa Claus abandons the North Pole.                                   
  Upstate New Yorkers get upset because they can't start the snow-mobile. 
  40 below zero:                                                         
  ALL atomic motion stops.                                               
  People in Upstate New York start saying...'cold enough fer ya?'         
  50 below zero:                                                         
  Hell freezes over.                                                     
  Upstate New York public schools will open 2 hours late.                                                                                             

You guys who are not from NY seriously don't know how true this is! Just this past week. My hubby and I went shopping (When he was home) we got out of the car and both said - "Wow, it is really warm out now!" "Yeah, I'm gonna take my coat off, its too hot with it on." We looked at the temp - it was 31! This is a true story! I guess heat and cold is all relative depending on where you live. When it has been in the teens for 3 weeks, 31 feels warm!                                                                                

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  1. WooHoo...go green!!!! and who said they couldn't win.

    Its cold here today too...35 for the high.

    Like your sweater. Can't wait to see it all done. That color will look nice on you.

    Like your Cold is a Relative Thing.
    This could also go for MN. Its so true for the south.

    Ashley is so much like you...she seems to like what you like.
    You two could be identical sisters
    instead of mother and daughter.


  2. Love, Love, Love the sweater! The cold thing is so funny. I had to drive with the window down this morning and it was only 38 out.

  3. hahahahaha so true! Gotta love NY temperature!