I've got the winter blues

 My Hubby (who is working in PA) texted  me first thing this morning (5:00am) to tell me "Happy V Day, I love you!" all together now... AWWWWW!
Happy Valentines Day!

This picture shows my state of mind these days. I answered the phone in the kitchen around 4:00, hung it up in the Livingroom (no, they are not compatible) Finally sat down for the evening in the Livingroom around 7:30. I usually put the phone next to me so I don't have to get up to answer it (I know, but after a day with kids I am allowed to be lazy!) so I glanced over at the phone cradle and this is what I saw - 3 1/2 hrs. later! I just burst out laughing. I am so glad that I can still make myself laugh.

I hope the residents of this condo went to FL for the winter -

WHAT'S HAPPENING - It was a warm 43 degrees on Sunday! I went out walking around in sneakers and no coat, because this is what NYers do. Over 40 is a heat wave to us! And I have to admit, it really did feel warm. When I went back inside I looked at the temp - 43 and thought - well no wonder, it is warm! The snow was getting a little mushy.

I've started doing some sorting, throwing away, and cleaning. See is really is over 40 - Spring cleaning! I sorted through my towels and got rid of a bunch of towels that really had no business still being in there. There is no way I would have pulled out any of those towels and actually used them. Yuck! So I have lots of room on my towel shelves now, and it is nice and neat.

I watched a pretty bad scary (not) movie on LMN called "The Haunting of Sorority Row" It was so low budget it was funny and the acting was pretty bad too. You know winter is getting to you when you are actually watching bad movies on TV.

The daughter and her Beau came over on Sat. for coffee. On Sunday I went to breakfast with my in-laws, yum! I got a 30% off coupon for Kohls in the mail, so guess where I am going next week?

TV - 
 American Idol - The start of Hollywood week (my favorite) Well right away I am pissed off after just the first day! One of my favorite people (Nick Fink) he was part of the cute couple that sang together in college. I actually liked him better than his girlfriend and he was cut!

There were a few others I didn't really like, like the girl with the stars on her "ahem" I thought was terrible and she stayed! I don't get their reasoning.

 This is the back of the sweater with cat -
 This is the back of the sweater without cat -
This is the yarn for sweater, it is a wool blend, it is fine like a sock weight and you use 2 strands together -

This is the beginning of a pair of Alpaca socks for hubby -

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  1. Your wool is beautiful! you make me want to start my own project.

    Have a great day.

  2. Upstate New Yorkers. We northern NJ people almost in the city consider this to still be winter. You upstate folk are hardy people.

    I love your sweater, with and without the cat. And I love the 127 days to summer.

    We're supposed to get around 49 today, and that is about as good as it gets. I'm going out for a walk.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. Happy Valentin's Day.

    Love the sweater..the colors are gorgeous. It will look beautiful on you. I see Martina likes it also.

    Cute about the phone thing...but you know what that means, don't ya?
    BTW I like the doily that you made there on your table. Do I have that pattern?

    When I lived in MN, when it got to 32* they were out in shorts and tee shirts..not me! Here in TN 32* - 40* is still winter. Today, right now at 2:20PM it is 62* WooHoo. Thursday it is going to be 68*..Come on Summer. I am so ready for it.

  4. 40 degrees would cause me to bring out the sun block right now - lol! Loved seeing your knitting projects - you always choose such beautiful colors.

  5. I love the color of the sweater. I'm surprised Martina let's you knit. I haven't tried with Sam yet as he's still after most everything.

    We got some warm weather again and it rained. Our backyard is horrible. Poor Sam just slips and slides. I am sick of winter and summer can't come fast enough for me.

    Survivor starts tonight!!! Yipppeeeee.